The government answers these questions in the fake ventilator scam, why is this information being hidden?

Dhaman Ki Dhaalam 8

Gandhinagar, 21 May 2020

Till date, no action has been taken against Chief Minister Jyoti CNC or his Parakram Singh Jadeja. If the government is honest, it should investigate and disclose the truth. But the Rupani government is hiding the truth. Therefore, the people of Gujarat are beginning to suspect that they want to hide the government.

The government said that there was no question of concealing information or negligence. We give the description of Sarkar Corona 3 times in Din. However, the Deputy Chief Minister knows that the government does not answer journalists’ questions. The government is not answering the questions people are asking on social media.

The BJP government is likely to avoid allegations only if the government defends Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC, Rajkot’s friend of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Defending Dhaman-1 and more skeletons come out of the Gujarat model’s closet, the Rupani government says the Congress Pondicherry government has ordered the purchase of Dhaman-1. But A Order Pondicherry has canceled.

The Maharashtra government has ordered the purchase of 300 ventilators by a donor. Therefore, the Gujarat Congress should not make allegations and allegations of scams.