Why the hospital did not take any action despite refusing to use a useless ventilator

Dhaman Dhamaal – 7

Ahmedabad, 21 May 2020

Special Officer of Ahmedabad Hospital, Dr. From Prabhakar’s point of view, it is clear that Dhamana-1 cannot function in a critical condition of corona. Not only Prabhakar, but also independent doctors and Ahmedabad Medical Association have also exposed the Rupani government.

Eminent anesthetist from Ahmedabad and an officer of Ahmedabad Medical Association, Dr. Bipin Patel believes that this ventilator named Dhaman-1 is not actually a ventilator. There is no parameter setting for respiration. It has no oxygen meter, no oxygen-humid oxygen system. If moist oxygen does not enter the lungs, the lungs become dry. A. Does not moisten in the machine. The patient cannot be kept on this ventilation for a long time.

The respirator must be adjusted and placed on the ventilator to relax the patient’s muscles, but this is not the case. Dhamana-1 ventilator is sharply sharpened. Which is fatal to endanger the life of the patient.

The Technical Committee and the Medical Committee should have approved the Technical Equipment 2017 rule but it did not. Must be approved by the government. The machine may give some relief at first but doctors cannot rely on it. Dhaman-1 has not received any medical approval.