The money received in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund was used by Rupani to send laborers out state

Gujarat has operated the maximum number of Shramik Trains i.e 971 to send 14.13 lakh migrant workers back home amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

3724 Shramik Trains have been operated as of 28th May to send 51,65,139 migrant labourers. Gujarat has operated 971 trains to send 14.13 lakh migrants back home.

Out of 971 trains, 557 have been sent to UP, 230 to Bihar, 83 to Orissa, 37 to Jharkhand, 24 to Madhya Pradesh, and 17 to Chattisgarh.

Railways does not work for free there-fore Gujarat has to pay Indian Railways for operating those trains. CM instructs to pay Rs.25 crore from CM Relief Fund to Indian Railways which was given to CM Relief Fund by People of Gujarat.

Instead Using That money for Gujaraties CM decides to pay Railways. If those Rs.25 crore was used to buy COVID-19 test Kit then approx. 5,00,000 test kits could have been bought.