There are locusts in 190 hectares in 9 districts of Gujarat, no harm to agriculture

Gandhinagar, 23 May 2020
Scattered locusts have been spotted in some areas of Gujarat. The survey was conducted by 276 teams from 8 to 21 May 2020. An area of ​​9925 hectares was surveyed. The presence of desert locusts was observed in an area of ​​190 hectares. The locusts were controlled with pesticides in an area of ​​112 hectares.

An average of 150 to 2000 locusts are found per hectare. Agricultural crops were not damaged. So far this year, locusts have been found in 31 villages in 9 districts, Banaskantha, Patan, Kutch, Morbi, Surendranagar, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and 12 talukas of Amreli.

Herds of rancid go to thousands of miles away and cause great damage to crops. This year, the first attack in the state was seen on May 8, 2020 in Mitha Vicharan village of Vav taluka of Banaskantha district.

Last year in 2019, locust infestation was found in an area of ​​about 19 thousand hectares in Kutch, Banaskantha, Patan district in the state.

An estimated quantity of 21 liters of Malathion 96% pesticide has been provided by the Locust Control Unit of the Government of India.

The Gujarat government has sprayed 173 kg of Chloropyrifos 20 EC and 50 EC pesticides for locust control.

The cost of pesticide spraying done by the farmers is assisted.

So the farmers of the state need not panic at all. The state government is fully equipped to deal with all possible situations. This was stated by Agriculture Minister Ranchod Faldu.