Through yoga, farmers’ demonstrations in Gujarat, against insurance companies and government looting

Gandhinagar, 21 June 2020
In Hebatpur village of Dholera in Ahmedabad district, farmers protested against the government by doing yoga on World Yoga Day. Trying to get the attention of the government by doing yoga in other places in the state. Against the plunder of insurance companies, the farmers protested against the BJP government of Gujarat and the Center by doing Undha Yoga (Shirsasan) in many places.


Farmers sais – 

Despite extending the term of the loan, SBI collects 12% interest and penalty all over Gujarat. The loan is Rs 39 lakh crore. The premium is deducted from this loan by the insurance company. Therefore, 6 companies in Gujarat have not given adequate compensation to 90 per cent farmers since 2016.

Instead of helping the farmers, the BJP-led government is helping insurance companies, including Anil Ambani’s Reliance, SBI General Insurance, Bharat AXA and six other companies that are robbing farmers by not providing insurance.

Insurance companies take Rs 3,000 crore from farmers per year. But in the face of calamity, farmers do not pay enough. This is the biggest insurance scam of the BJP government. This was stated by Bharatsinh Zala. He has lodged a complaint with the Gujarat Police. Yet he has not made an FIR. Farmers get notices but the government does nothing against the banks, insurance company.

योगा करो कोरोना भगावो ऐसा रूपानी कहते है मगर किसान खेत से भग रहे है। किनास कहते है। 

Bharatsinh Zala, the pioneer of the peasant revolution, says that Rupani and Modi do tamasa by doing yoga. The news media shows yoga but does not show the helplessness of the people. The Rupani government says its government is sensitive. But his government itself is inferior. The sensation is inferior.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has extended the term of farmers’ loan in Corona. Which is a loan without interest. However, banks across Gujarat are charging 12 per cent interest and fines for non-payment of loans. Despite Rupani’s order, SBI Bank does not believe in the government and State Bank of India is acting arbitrarily. 20 lakh farmers are distressed. Now the farmers have to agitate to draw the government’s attention to this by thinking of doing upside-down yoga. The farmers total debt is Rs 39 lakh crore in Gujarat.