10 high speed boats worth Rs 300 crore for security in Gujarat’s seas, Manmohan Singh’s dream come true

45 Nautical Mile High Speed ​​Interceptor Boat C-454 Vapor System Launched with Infrared Surveillance in Gujarat


Gandhinagar, 17 December 2020

Indigenously built interceptor boat C-454 has joined the Indian Coast Guard at Hazira, Surat. 54 types of boats have been built with surveillance, radar and weapons, the last and 54th of which was dedicated to the Indian Coast Guard on 16 December 2020. The first boat was also given in Gujarat Porbandar.

The indigenous boat at Hazira in Surat will track illegal intrusion, smuggling, fishing, drug mafia, intruders, terrorists and suspected sea looters.

It began construction in 2010 and has built 54 boats by 2020. The terrorists who carried out the Mumbai bombings had infiltrated through the Gujarat border. That is why Gujarat’s maximum 10 boats were given by the Manmohan government of Congress. This interceptor boat will be operated from Gujarat under the administration and operational control of Commander Coast Guard Area (NW).

Where is the boat

The coastline of Gujarat is close to Pakistan. Therefore, 10 boats have been provided for the protection of the state’s 1600 km of coastline.

On 20 December 2012, India’s first boat was handed over to Porbandar by the Congress-led Manmohan government. Gujarat has the highest number of 10 boats in India. Then Ratnagiri, Mundra, Bypore, Mumbai, Kavarti, Port Blair-6, Jakhau 2, Porbandar 2, Okha 2, Pipavav, Surat-2, Goa, Karaikal, Karwar, Androth, Karaikal, Krishnapatnam, Haldia, Pardia, Paradip, Paradip , Vijip. , Vadinar, Chennai 3, Karaikal, Murud Janjira, Murud Janjira, Karaikal, Krishnapatnam, Kakinada, Mumbai, Vijayanam, Kavarti, Kavarti, Mangaluru.

These ships are intended for patrolling and rescue operations in the Special Economic Zone of India.

A boat cost 27 crores

L&T has built 54 boats worth Rs 1,400 crore. A boat costs Rs 27-30 crore.

L&T on 22 March 2010 for Rs. Orders were received for the construction of 36 high speed interceptor boats for Rs 977 crore. On 27 January 2013, 18 similar boats were again ordered worth Rs 447 crore. The boats are built at L&T’s existing shipyard Yazira Hazira and its new-Kamputupally shipyard near Ennore.


The ships are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment and mid-range weapons. Each ship is powered by two Caterpillar Marine Power Systems 3516 C Marine Propulsion Engines (2525 BKW @ 1800 rpm, ‘D’ rating) and two C-4.4 auxiliary generator sets (86 EKW @ 1500 rpm). M.J.P. Waterjet supplies water-jets for high-speed interceptor boats. The Maris ECDIS900 Smartline MK10 flat panel computer is also equipped with a radar kit.

The interceptor will greatly increase naval power as well as the Coast Guard.

This high speed boat will be very useful for patrolling along the coast, low intensity maritime operations, search and rescue operations as well as maritime border surveillance.

Plane like engine

In the maritime zone, the enemy can find any suspicious boat or person in the country. Like the car, its engine starts immediately. The boat is capable of swimming up to a top speed of 45 nautical miles (80 kilometers) per hour, even in shallow water. Goes from quiet to active mode in just 15 minutes. The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment. Plain like engine.

Glimpse of c-454

The ship has a total length of 27.80 meters, a displacement of 110 tons and a maximum speed of 45 knots. The ship is equipped with twin diesel engines, twin water jet propulsion, and is capable of traveling up to 500 nautical miles at a speed of 25 nautical miles. The ship has infrared surveillance for night time monitoring.

One officer and 13 employees

The C-454 boat is capable of multi-coast functions such as near-shore surveillance, contradiction search and rescue. One officer and 13 employees have been appointed. Its main weapon is equipped with excellent communication, navigation equipment and a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun (guard).

54 boats are built by L&T Limited. The Indian Coast Guard Interceptor Boat (IB) ICGS C-454 has been designed and manufactured by Surat-based Messrs Larsen & Turbo.

General Rakesh Pale

Indian Coast Guard (NW) commander Inspector General Rakesh Pale said that the indigenous interceptor was built using boat-IB. These include state-of-the-art resources such as engines, radar navigation and weapon systems. (translated from Gujarati)