Trouble to 2 lakh industries as 20 lakh laborers migrate from Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 14 May 2020
A special train has been sent out of Gujarat for the migration of 262 from Gujarat till 14 May 2020. A total of 3.90 lakh workers have been sent to their home state. Which is the highest in the whole country. A total of 20 lakh workers have migrated so far, according to trade unions.
As a result, 2 lakh factories and offices could not function. The other will have to close just as much. This migration has not taken place from the big factories. But laborers have left Gujarat rather than retail labor. Most of which will never return.
Giving more details in this regard, Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwinikumar said that a special labor train of 640 crore workers has been run from the country to go to the home state. The highest number of 262 trains i.e. 41% of trains have left Gujarat alone. 3.34 lakh migrant workers.
On 13 May 2020, 37 migrant special trains will transport migrant workers and laborers to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and other states. There are 27 trains in Uttar Pradesh, 5 trains in Bihar, 3 trains in Orissa and 1 train in Madhya Pradesh, and 1 train in Chhattisgarh. 10 trains from Ahmedabad, 12 trains from Surat, 4 trains from Rajkot, 3 trains from Vadodara have left Gujarat. 56800 laborers have migrated in 37 trains. A total of 3.90 lakh people have left Gujarat in migratory trains.