Vegetarian Gujarat has now moved ahead to stay healthy by eating green juicy fruits, vegetables, raw food except grains

Gandhinagar, 13 August 2020
The farmers of Gujarat produce the goods according to the demand. It is happening in grains. With increasing demand for green vegetables and fruits as opposed to grains, they are now increasing their cultivation and production of vegetables and fruits. The trend of farming shows that people are preferring to eat green, juicy, fruits and vegetables instead of eating dry foods like grains. Said Gujarat agriculture department official.

grains consumption decreased, green fruit, veritable  increased
Gujarat now consumes 400 grams of grain per person. Against this, 530 grams of green vegetables and 390 grams of fruits per person have started growing in the fields. Thus 1000 – one kg – vegetables, spices, sugarcane, fruits 400 grams per person, are being eaten against grains. The people of Gujarat are vegetarian with grains, but now they are moving towards only vegetarian. They are now eating more fruits, vegetables and vegetables instead of grains. Dates, coconuts, apples etc. are imported in large quantities. If we calculate this, then the people of Gujarat do not eat more grains, now they are eating more of the raw food of fruits, green vegetables and farmers are producing more fresh things.

20 years of comparison
In 2001, the per capita fruit production was 46.98 kg per year, and the daily consumption per capita was 129 grams. Today it has increased to 390 grams. Two and a half times more fruit is eaten. Same is the condition of vegetables. A person uses 65.98 kg of vegetables per year. It consumed 181 grams per day in 2001, today it consumes 530 grams per day in 2020. Thus, Gujarat is moving towards eating vegetables and fruits. Which is seen as a natural diet race.
Gujarat produces 787.25 kg of agricultural produce per person per year, which produces or consumes 2.15 kg.

What is being used –
192.92 kg of vegetables are consumed per person in a year. 530 grams of vegetables are produced per person per day.
141.93 kg of fruits are ripened throughout the year. Every day 390 grams of vegetables are being used per person.
12.68 kg of spices is consumed per person per year, which is 35 grams of spices per day.
143.51 kg of cereals and pulses are cooked in a year, in which 393 grams of cereals and pulses are consumed per person per day. In which only 90 kg of grain is consumed per person in a year. 348 grams of cereals and 16.31 kg of pulses are consumed per person.
Oilseeds ripen 102.52 kg per year, 281 grams per day.
23.01 kg of cotton is harvested per year, which is used for 63 grams of cloth per person.
Produces 165.28 kg of sugarcane and uses 453 grams of sugarcane per head per day to make sugar and jaggery.
5.40 kg of tobacco is produced per person which is 15 grams of tobacco per person per day.

Vegetarian simply means preparing food from leaves, fruits, flowers or roots (plants) derived from plants and using it as food. Vegetarian food helps in digesting food faster. Also it keeps the mind alert. Vegetables contain many essential ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids etc. which can protect against many fatal diseases.