Sugarcane seedlings were prepared in the nursery, doubling income in sugarcane farm, the Jivamrut make organic sugarcane making 20 thousand kg of jiggery

Gandhinagar, 28 November 2020

The joint family of Ranabhai Ram owns 40 acres of land in Kantala Gir village in Gir Somnath district. 1 ton of sugarcane seeds have to be planted. The solid bacteria in the base gives half a ton of 1 ton. From Bijamrut, sugarcane eyebrows were drawn. On the 15th day Jeevamrita Diya was given with irrigation. They also spray with pumps. Without chemical fertilizers, there is no disease in the organic sugarcane.

Cut the sugarcane, squeeze the juice, prepare the good of the boil. The juice is boiled in four stages to form a round. The cans are packed in 1 kg, 4 kg, 15 kg packing. 110 kg jaggery is prepared from 1 ton of sugarcane.

Cost 15 thousand

Production cost is Rs 15,000 per plant. 1 ton of 2 tonnes of sugarcane seed has also been used at home. It takes labor of 100 rupees to make jaggery from 1 ton sugarcane. It sells to customers at Rs 60 per kg. Sugarcane was selling at Rs 2,000 per 1 ton.

Double production by nursery

Outside Junagadh, other farmers use two to three times yields by planting one piece of sugarcane in the field by nursery method. Production increases from 300 quintal to 650 quintal. The chemical 900 quintals are produced. Co-crops are taken.

3 quintal B as against 30 quintals

Nursery sugarcane planting yields two to two and a half quintals of seed instead of 30 to 40 quintals of seed per acre. On the third day, roots and sprouts emerge and on the seventh day the eyes can be transplanted.

Bacterium 2

Biodegradable for sugarcane eyes is used for nursery planting. For 100 kg eyes, the mixture should be prepared by adding 20 liters of water, five liters of urine, five kilograms of manure, a handful of mint, fifty grams of lime. Next, cover the drum for 24 hours. Sugarcane eyes are once again dug before being used for planting. Farmers will not have to spend much on natural farming, but will get better yields. Good benefit comes from the rope planted in the nursery.

Benefits of sowing sugarcane plant in nursery

1 – Rs. A rope is ready at 2.75. The cost of planting is very low. Seed planting is done on one acre by 10 laborers.

2 – Only 4800 sowing is required in an acre, which takes only two and a half quintal seeds.

3 – Two and a half quintal seed treatment is Rs. 5.

4 – Only sprouted seeds are planted in the tray.

5 – The use of fertilizers is reduced according to transplanting.

6 – The number of stocks per plant increases. Plants grow 10 to 20 feet.

7 – Sedling gets a month and a half in the tray nursery.

8- Sugarcane can be planted in any season. Sugarcane eye nursery is planted anytime during June to March.