VIP facility given to murder accused in Jamnagar police station in Gujarat, PSI suspended

23 September, 2020
In Gujarat, it seems that the police do not care about the law. This is because the police deploy their khaki uniforms on the general public and on the other hand provide the accused like VIP guests in the police station. Jamnagar Police is once again embroiled in controversies in this regard.

There is a video of the murder accused in which sleeping facilities are being provided in the office has gone viral on social media. In Gujarat, the general public is harassed by the police and VIP facility is provided in the police station to those accused of crimes like murder. The entire matter has been dealt with immediately by the police officers and strict action has been taken against the responsible policemen.

Omdev Singh and Narendra Singh, who were absconding in the murder case last week, were arrested by the RR Cell of Jamnagar Police. Handed over to Jamnagar Local Crime Branch. Instead of arresting Omdev Singh and Narendra Singh by the local crime branch and putting them in lockup, the accused involved in both murders were put to sleep by the police in their office and video of the accused being provided facilities in the police station went viral on social media. done.

Both the accused were involved in the murder of Divyaraj Singh Jadeja on March 6, 2020 in Trikon Bagh area of ​​Dharol. The entire murder was captured on CCTV. Both the accused killed Divyaraj Singh Jadeja with the help of a sharp shooter. Both the accused were under police custody for the last six months. The police have so far arrested a total of six accused in the murder of Divyaraj Singh Jadeja. And yet one accused is reported to be absconding.
Range IG Sandeep Singh, who was informed that the accused of the murder was kept in an AC and fan office in the police station, immediately took action against PSI Gohil of the Jamnagar local crime branch and suspended them.

There is an allegation that a minister of BJP’s Vijay Rupani government in Jamnagar is helping the accused.

From Jamnagar, BJP’s organization minister is Bhikhu Dalsaniya and in a Rupani government, he is the agriculture minister and he has been the former state head of BJP during the time of Narendra Modi. Eenaka is an Eilaka. There the police is providing VIP facility to the accused of murder. What will be the condition of the second Eilake of Gujarat? The people of Delhi are imagined and suspicious.