During the Korona period, 24,502 Gujaratis returned home from abroad

Ahmedabad, 23 September 2020
In general, there is a steady increase in the number of people going abroad from India, but during the Corona period, the number of Indians returning home from abroad has increased. So far, 12.08 lakh Indians living abroad have returned home in the footsteps of Corona, of which 24502 ​​are from Gujarat. Most Indians in the Gulf have returned home in the last four months.

According to the Airports Authority of India, Ahmedabad Airport registered 8 passengers for foreign flights in May, 303 in June and 30 passengers in July. Thus, compared to July 2017, the number of foreign passengers at Ahmedabad airport in July 2020 has decreased by 7.5%. In July 2017, there were 3.06 lakh foreign passengers at Ahmedabad airport. Ahmedabad Airport has recorded 4 foreign flights in July 2017 and 12 foreign flights in July 2020. Thus, in the same year, foreign flights declined by 2.50%. During the last four months, 12.5 lakh Indians have returned by flight, 1.61 lakh by road and 4 by sea.

Vapis were taken in the first week of May for Indians stranded abroad after Corona. During the period up to 15 September, Kerala had the highest at 4.5 lakhs, Delhi with 2.7 lakhs, Uttar Pradesh 1.15 lakhs, Tamil Nadu 1.10 lakhs and Maharashtra 4 lakhs. Of these, the maximum number of Indians were brought back from the United Arab Emirates to 4.5 lakhs, 1.7 lakhs from Saudi Arabia, 1.07 lakhs from Qatar, 206 from Kuwait, 206 from the United States, 2181 from the United Kingdom and 21 from Pakistan.