Wealth of Gautam Adani who helped Modi to become Chief Minister and prime minister increased dramatically

Ahmedabad, 19 November 2020

The Adani Group of Gujarat has expanded in the last 7 years of Modi Raj not only in ports, coal imports, coal mining, power generation, city gas distribution, but also in oil imports used in food items. Not only this, the Modi regime has handled its business interests in airports, urban water management, small and medium sector loans, data centers, aerospace and defense. Modi had helped Adani all the way 14 years since he came to Gujarat.  Adani became the world’s one of the biggest businessman. Adani has helped Modino in every way.

Helped to become prime minister

Adani has good relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, the government had signed 126 agreements to set up petrol pumps and natural gas stations across the country, 25 of which were awarded to the Adani Group. When Narendra Modi came to Delhi from Gujarat in 2014, he came by private jet of Gautam Adani. PM is very close to Narendra Modi. According to the report, Gautam Adani’s assets are close to 26 billion and his wealth has increased by 230 percent since 2014.

Help in becoming chief minister

When Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister in 2001, his business started growing in Gujarat. Gautam Adani has supported Narendra Modi as Chief Minister in 2001 and earlier.  In 2013, 44 projects were awarded to Adani in Gujarat. Which has increased to 92 projects by the end of 2019-20. Modi flew from Gujarat to Delhi on Gautam Adani’s jet.

Riots help in Gujarat

Narendra Modi was facing criticism for the 2002 riots in Gujarat and was later backed by Gautam Adani. Narendra Modi was criticized by many industrialists of the Indian industry at that time. Gautam Adani supported him. It was dangerous at the time for Adani, but he did.

Make Modi big in Vibrant

Gautam Adani helped Prime Minister Narendra Modi organize the Vibrant Gujarat program. This event brought credibility to the pro-business leader of PM Narendra Modi around the world. In the future, Gautam Adani benefited from this. Gautam Adani also played an important role in organizing the Vibrant Gujarat program during Narendra Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister.

Ratan pole trader from ahmedabad

Gautam Adani was born on 24 June 1962 in Sethani Pol, Ratanpol, Ahmedabad to a Gujarati Jain family. His father’s name is Shantilal Jain and mother’s name is Shanta Jain Adani. He has seven siblings. His parents came to the city of Tharad from Ahmedabad.

Own property

Adani is a self-made billionaire who heads the Adani group. The Adani Group has a world-class integrated infrastructure to manage businesses such as coal trade, coal mining, oil and gas exploration, ports, multi-model logistics, power generation and transmission and gas distribution. Businesses range from coal production, mining, oil and gas distribution, ports, multi-model logistics to power generation.

Getting to the airport

Counted among the 100 most influential businessmen in the world. Beechcroft Jet, purchased in 2005 and Hawker Jet in 2008. In 2018, when the Modi government at the Center decided to privatize 6 airports in the country. Then, relaxing some rules, even companies that were never experienced in the field were allowed to bid. This directly benefited Gautam Adani’s group and he got the contract to run all the airports.

Gautam Adani’s company is currently one of the largest private airport operators in the country. Prior to this, his company has also been a leader in managing ports and thermal coal power plants. Adani Green Energy has also won the contract to build an 8 GW solar plant. The Adani Group’s participation in energy security and infrastructure products, especially related to airports and ports, has increased rapidly. The capital of the country is getting concentrated in a few hands.

Profitable Industry

In 2020, the Modi government reduced the corporate tax from 30% to 25%. It is a great gift for industrial houses. This gives the Modi government Rs 1.45 lakh crore.

Studied at CN and Gujarat University

After completing his schooling at CN School, he went to Gujarat University but gave up his studies at the age of 18. After Gautam Adani, he flew Rs 100 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Started work at Hindra Brothers for Rs 300. Diamond brokerage attire opened at age 20. Diamond sort worked on Mahindra Brothers for two years. He then started his business from the jewelery market. In 1988, Gautam established Adani Exports Limited in the agricultural products and plastics business. He founded the Adani Group in 1998.