This is how a similar situation of both Maharashtra and Gujarat happened in Corona

Gandhinagar, 27 May 2020

There are 52,667 cases of corona virus reported in Maharashtra. Maharashtra accounts for more than 36% of the country’s cases. While Gujarat ranks third in the country with 14,460 cases. 1,695 people have been killed. 998 people have been delivered in Gujarat. If the accounting account is the same between the two. Again, work is being done to get the number of Koro patients in Gujarat. Eye contact is evident from both state mortality and patient statistics.

Maharashtra or Gujarat, which state of the country is worst affected by Corona virus? There have long been allegations on social media about this question. The BJP was sometimes attacked by the Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP. The figures are being hidden in Gujarat. The Jamalpur area of ​​Ahmedabad, where the highest number of cases came from, is said to be experiencing a sudden loss of corona. Very few cases have been reported. What does that show?

The BJP released figures for Maharashtra. There are 53 thousand cases in Maharashtra. At the same time, Gujarat is also close to the figure of 15,000 cases. One thing is clear that the condition of Corona in both the states is very dire and they need to be rectified soon. Yet politicians from other states, especially the BJP, want to overthrow the Maharashtra government by playing a referendum.

Only the number of cases does not reveal the current situation of Corona in the state. However, there is not much difference between Maharashtra and Gujarat. Professor Shamika Ravi, a former member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council and a data miner on Corona, compared the two states. According to him, where 13.89 people per 10 lakh population have died in Maharashtra, the figure is 13.93 in Gujarat.

According to every 100 tests, the corona case rate in Maharashtra is 13.25%, while Gujarat is in a better position (7.76%). If we talk about new cases, about one thousand new cases have been reported in Maharashtra, while 400 cases have been found from Gujarat. Corona’s tests are being reduced.

In Gujarat, 6,636 out of 14,460 cases have been discharged after recovery while 998 people have died. Out of 52,667 cases in Maharashtra, 15,786 have defeated Corona. 1,695 people have died in the state. Which is similar in terms of population.