Where is the Rs 6 crore laundry for disinfection of patients’ clothes?

kovid-19 hospitalized patients’ clothes, blankets, towels are passed through a temperature of 121 degrees and sterilized with washing more than 1000 pairs of clothes daily. The state administration is working on a war footing to prevent the transmission of corona.

There is not a single area in which special attention has not been paid. The best example of this is the sterilization of patients and staff clothes in the 1200 – bed hospital designated by the state government for infected patients in Corona.

Corona patients’ clothing is infected with the corona virus, so it must be discarded or burned. The risk of corona infection spreads wherever it goes if it is thrown away and the question remains how many new clothes to bring every day if it is burned.

To overcome this problem, a 1200-bed civil hospital has been set up at a cost of Rs. A state-of-the-art washing and sterilization facility has been set up at a cost of Rs.