Gujarat farmer are getting rich due to coriander cultivation, large scale farming will reach second place in the country 

Gandhinagar, 22 November 2020

The aroma of food comes only when the aroma of coriander is added to cook. Coriander cultivation takes place every winter. After good rains this year in Gujarat, there is likely to be a large increase in farmers’ coriander cultivation due to good groundwater. 100 percent growth in 10 years has been done in coriander cultivation in Gujarat. In Gujarat, in 2019-20, 86175 hectares of coriander produced 1.29 lakh tonnes of coriander. Plantation has increased by 100 percent in 10 years. Production also doubled. Thus the production of coriander increased but there was no significant difference in productivity. Coriander farmers are getting rich, can safely earn Rs.1 lakh in a Bidha.

Coriander is cultivated for green leaves and seeds. A plant is pruned 3 times and sold. Production is 130 quintals. Sold at an average price of Rs 1000 per quintal. Thus, his income is Rs. 1,30,000. 30% of production revenue is spent. The farmers get a profit of Rs. 90 thousand to 1 lakh. 15 to 20 quintal Seeds from irrigated crop.

Will increase by 500 percent

Coriander cultivation is usually 62641 hectares in the last 3 years. In the second week of November, 4118 hectares were planted last year. This year 23695 hectares have been planted in the EC period. 6 times more than last year. 500 percent more than last year.

Will get second place in the country

The yield of coriander was 3.83 lakh tonnes in Madhya Pradesh, 1.30 lakh tonnes in Rajasthan and 1.16 lakh tonnes in Gujarat in 2017-2018. This time, Gujarat will overtake Rajasthan and are likely to take second place. In 2005, India produced 2.23 lakh tonnes of coriander in 3.23 lakh hectares. In 2005, Gujarat had no place in India in coriander production. Now it has reached the second number. If the Agricultural University discovers new seeds, it will take two years for farmers to increase production and reach number one in India.

Junagadh district is on top

For the last 15 years, farmers in Junagadh district have had a monopoly in the cultivation and production of coriander. Farmers of any district cannot break Junagadh’s cleverness to grow coriander. In 2005, planting was done in all the districts of the state except 3 districts. Except 11 districts in Saurashtra, now in other districts of the state, farmers have reduced cultivation of coriander. In this, farmers in South Gujarat have stopped producing coriander seeds.

Junagadh yields 50 per cent of Gujarat.

In Gujarat in 2009-10, 42649 tonnes of coriander was produced on 28675 hectares. Junagadh produced the highest production of 22971 tonnes on 17351 hectares. Junagadh produces 200 to 300 crores. Which produces and sells over 50% of Gujarat. In 2010-11, cultivation was done on 2100 hectares in Junagadh. Planting was done on 600 ha in Amreli district, 200 ha in Jamnagar district and 500 ha in Porbandar. The average yield was 1487 kg per hectare.

10 years ago

In the 5 years from 2005 to 2010, the area of ​​farming grew by 70%. Productivity declined by 30 percent during this period. In 2005-06, 18417 tonnes of goods were produced on 8669 hectares. The state had 8790 tonnes of coriander in 3 thousand hectares in Junagadh.

Ready crops in 90 days

Coriander is planted from November to January. The crop for seed is ready in 80-90 days. In which eating castor is good benefit. Keeping it small increases productivity. It gets ready in about 7 pies. In a bid land, 20 to 30 mounds are produced. At least 8 mounds are cut so farmers consider it a safe crop. Coriander is a large and round grain. Prices range from 1000 to 1500. Coriander is in high demand in spices.

Green coriander leaves are cut into small bunches, wrapped in wet cloth and sent to the vegetable market in the form of coriander. Which is used to bring flavor and aroma in food. Is at a lower cost. Coriander has good income. More spraying of fungicide is required. Molo comes more.

Dantiwada coriander – 1 variety

Coriander, Dantiwada Coriander – 1 variety has been found in Gujarat since 2014 and given to farmers. This new seed has changed the cultivation of coriander. Which gives 11.3 and 76 percent more production than Punjab fragrance and Gujarat Dhana-2 varieties. Gujarat Dhana-2 variety is a variety grown throughout India. The yield is 32 tonnes per hectare. The maximum yield is 45 to 70 tonnes of green coriander. The leaves are softer and more fragrant. Dark green leaves contain too much chlorophyll. Storage power is good. The oil smells good because it increases up to 0.05 percent. The green leaf yield after removal from the root is up to 20 tonnes per hectare. Hence dried leaves are of good quality for export.

Farmers experience

Bhawanibhai Sajeev, a farmer from Bardoli, grows coriander. The cost of 20 kg plain coriander is about Rs. was. Farmers in Junagadh and Gir Somnath do not grow coriander in the second year as much as soybean disease. Chole plant in second year Kishorebhai cultivates Dalwadi coriander and sunflower, coriander and cotton, wheat, fennel and black cumin. If grown in small beds, good yield is achieved. Indian market

In the year 2017-18, the production of coriander in India was recorded at 866800 tonnes. Coriander production in the year 2018-19 was only 247000 tonnes. Coriander production in India is around 125 million bags. Coriander Ranu is produced in Ramganj, Bara, Bhawani Mandali, parts of Rajasthan. In Madhya Pradesh, Gondal, Junagadh and Saurashtra are the major producers in Gujarat around Guna, Kumbhraj, Binaganj, Ujjain, Agar, Susnar, Jeerapur, Machhalpur, Neemuch.

Places in the world

Coriander is native to Egypt, Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Mainly grown in India, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, China, Syria. India accounts for over 80% of the total coriander production. Gujarat’s share in India is 17 percent.

धनिया का उत्पादन 2019-20
जिल्ला हेक्टर उत्पादन
सुरत 36 54
नरमदा 0 0
भरूच 0 0
डांग 0 0
नवसारी 0 0
वलसाड 0 0
तापी 0 0
दक्षिन गुजरात 36 54
अमदावाद 473 766
आणंद 0 0
खेडा 134 165
पंचमहाल 0 0
दाहोद 180 279
वडोदरा 65 96
महिसागर 0 0
छोटाउदेपुर 0 0
मध्यगुजरात 852 1306
बनासकांठा 67 80
पाटण 133 225
महेसाणा 101 141
साबरकांठा 58 72
गांधीनगर 10 50
अरावल्ली 120 186
उत्तरगुजरात 489 754
कच्छ 1569 2981
सुरेन्द्रनगर 2190 2803
राजकोट 9919 17358
जामनगर 10434 15129
पोरबंदर 12075 17509
जूनागढ 24215 36807
अमरेली 719 1064
भावनगर 322 547
मोरबी 530 901
बोटाद 44 67
सोमनाथ 3981 4608
द्वारका 18800 27260
सौराष्ट्र 82729 124054
गुजरात 86175 129150