Why Rupani government does not publish the list of 7841 relief works, find out the truth

Gandhinagar, 29 May 2020
In the third phase of Sujalam-Suflam Jal Abhiyan which started from April 20 in Gujarat, 1894 works have been completed so far and 5947 works are in progress. Cool 7841 will work. One work is averaged between every two villages. The demand for publishing the list of each job on the government website is going on all around.

So far in works like deepening of lakes, desilting of check dams, cleaning of river silt, 33196 JCBs and 1.35 lakh tractor dumpers have been used for excavation of 168842 soil-silt using mechanical equipments. 21.72 lakh man-days employment has been found. As much as 1.70 crore cubic meters of water has been excavated.

The main objective of the campaign is to increase the extent of water storage, raise the ground water level, strengthen the irrigation system, increase farm production, reduce water wastage and improve the environment.

12279 lakes have been deepened across the state in the last two years. Similarly 5775 checkdams were de-silted. It has a new reservoir and 23553 lakh cubic feet of reservoir has been fully filled. The excavated soil was also given to the farmers for plowing in the fields which resulted in reclamation of millions of hectares of land.

Government and public participation in Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan is 60:40.

Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar gave details.

What are the demands of the people?

The government needs to do this so that people can see their work and check for themselves.
1 Disclose and disclose all work details paid by the Accountant General.
2 Satellite of last 4 years – where work is being done by releasing satellite images. Declare it.
3 Disclose the list of all the places where the work has been done, name of the contractor, address, phone number.
4 Disclose how much money has been paid to whom and details of public participation.
5 Make public the names and places of work of the people who have worked.

If such a BJP-style government works, a clean administration can be achieved by announcing the collusion of officials and local BJP leaders. Therefore, the Chief Minister of Gujarat will not disclose these details. The monsoon will come so there will be no evidence that this work has not been done due to flooding. It will be declared that the soil has been filled with water. (Translated from Gujarati news of this website)