World Wish Day, a wish organization fulfilling the wishes of 8500 children in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 29 April 2021
April 29 is celebrated worldwide as “World Wish Day”. The festival was started by the US-based “Make a Wish” organization. The organization operates in more than 35 countries. This organization has fulfilled the wishes of 8500 children in Gujarat.

Children between 3 and 18 years of age who are suffering from a serious illness. A life and death struggle game. This organization works for the fulfillment of many desires in the lives of such children. The Make a Wish Foundation fulfills Jia’s wish. Jia’s family came to know that her daughter had cancer of the lymph nodes. 5-year-old Jiya Baria has cancer ….!

Various women from the Make a Wish organization visited the hospital.

Happened with 8-year-old Natick Patil of Surat city. Who is suffering from a very serious disease. Moral wants to serve the country by becoming an army officer. One day Armino wants to wear a uniform. For this, the organization approached the army camp in Vadodara and proposed to fulfill its wish. The sensitive army accepted the offer and Moral was put on an army uniform. Not only this, morality was copied by telling the army, caution and salute to the state of the world.

Children suffering from any other disease with the MAC A Wish organization who have very few days to live, the severity of the disease is high, but there is a wish in life that they want to fulfill. Efforts are made by the said organization to fulfill the wishes of such children.

For life, the human body is surrounded by desires. Many desires remain unfulfilled despite the fact that a person pursues life even after fulfilling many desires throughout life.

The institute has been operating in India since 1996. Has fulfilled the wishes of 8500 children in the last 23 years. This charitable organization has worked to bring a smile on the face of children.

Gujarat has fulfilled the wishes of 1600 children in a year amid the Koro epidemic.

Gujarat State Director of Make a Wish Foundation Drs. Anil Khatri says that after fulfilling the wishes of children suffering from serious and fatal diseases, new energy to live life has emerged in such children.

In many cases, they have been seen spending the next life smoothly with joy as little wishes are fulfilled.