Amul’s new path due to government failure

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani himself believes in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly that barely 56 biogas plants have been set up in the state in two years. This literally means that the technology of the existing dung plant has completely failed. Initially several dung gas plants were set up in Gujarat. Now no animal is ready to set up a dung gas plant with old technology. The dung gas project in Gujarat has failed. Due to their technical shortcomings, Gobar no longer wants to set up a gas plant.

Since the scheme came under the Gujarat Climate Change Department, 35 biogas plants were installed in 2016-17 and 30 biogas plants in 2017-18. Now nobody is ready to plant such an old technology plant. The state government provides 75% subsidy to non-profit organizations and 50% to non-profit organizations. Yet this is the condition. Because it costs Rs 50,000 per family. It has many technical inconveniences. About five lakh households in the country and about 4,000 households in Gujarat have a dung gas plant in use.

Cow dung trade

Now come cheap and simple cow dung gas plants of new German technology. 500 such have been installed in Gujarat. Which he succeeded in two villages in Anand. Can plant its own cow dung plant. That too for a few bucks. It is not actually a dung gas plant but a money plant. Because new design plants are durable and cheap. NDDB has come up with a new scheme which can be a source of income. Which is a revolutionary of women. Because gas will be available for free. Everyone in the village will get food for free at home. Also, after the gas is made, its fertilizer will come out and NDDB will buy it. One liter will be paid to women.

Amul in the business of Gobar

Kurian himself was extremely busy with many schemes, which he was constantly pursuing. He led a proud life. He believed that development is possible only by putting the tools of development in the hands of the people. He gave women a new scheme in milk. Now NDDB and Amul are planning to run a scheme for women only. Every person in India is associated with Amul products like milk, cheese, milk powder, condensed milk etc. The entire plan is now ready to show a new hope to the world by getting into the business of Amul Dung, this global organization of Kurien.

what is the plan?

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