100 private hospitals in Ahmedabad paid corona bill of Rs 48 crore

Ahmedabad, 29 December 2020

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had hired 105 private hospitals in the city of Ahmedabad to treat Corona patients. By November 30, 2020, private hospitals have been billed 48 crore rupees for free treatment of coro patients. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has treated 11 thousand patients in private hospitals.

More Corona Bills in rich area

Corona has the highest number of cases in the affluent West Ahmedabad region, where private hospital bills are high. Despite the high number of cases in the central region of Old Ahmedabad, the cost has come down due to non-availability of private hospitals. Private hospitals in the South Zone Rs 3 crore, West Zone Rs 15 crore, South West Zone Rs 4 crore, North West Zone Rs 6 crore, Central Zone Rs 1.50 crore, East Zone Rs 5 crore and Rs. 13.50 crores has been paid.

What is the charge

In agreement with private hospitals, for the empty bed in the ward, Rs. 6500 for the patient, Rs. 10 for the empty bed in the MDU and Rs. 750 for the patient bed.  and Rs 900 and Rs 1000 ventilator in ICU ward and Rs..4040. The rate has been reduced from 15 December.

255 crores for the test kit

140 crores has been spent on the purchase of medicines etc. for the testing of patients. Out of which Rs 15 crore has been spent to buy rapid antigen test kit. 255 crores has been spent. Infection has been brought under control following an increase in the number of rapid antigen tests. Now the number of patients in the city is decreasing. Tested in 100 kiosks.

Only 20 cr behind the drug

It is estimated that Rs 20 crores have been spent for the purchase of all types of medicines like PPE kits, Remedisvir tocilizab, expensive injections, antibiotics, PPE kits, thermal guns, gloves, oximeters etc. Sources further explained.

445 crores total cost

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has spent Rs 445 crore in Corona till November 2020. Out of which Rs.35 crore is SVP. Born in the hospital. This includes treatment, food, medicine, staff, corona kits, food packets, petrol, etc. As of 30 November 2020, 8992 patients have been treated. 108 is assigned the responsibility of referring the patient for one month.