Gujarat BJP MP Vasava, who was rammed with Modi, had to give resign, strategy of Owaisi ?

Gandhinagar, 29 December 2020

In Gujarat, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Mansukh Vasava from Bharuch has resigned from the BJP. Has submitted his resignation to Gujarat State President CR Patil. Now he is about to resign to Speaker of Lok Sabha.

He has resigned for  harming the party. It is being punished to go against Modi. CM Rupani and PM Modi failed to tell the truth in the interest of tribal people. Owaisi and the tribal side are believed to be behind the entry into Gujarat.

Owaisi came and went Vasava

The day after Owaisi’s arrival in Gujarat, he wrote a letter to Modi. In a letter written on 24 December 2020, Mansukh Vasava demanded that the Eco Sensitive zone be removed from the Statue of Unity. The direct reason for his resignation is clear. But the story inside is that it can be part of a defined strategy.

What is in the letter

Mansukh Vasava has written in the letter that the Bharatiya Janata Party has given me more than my work. Maintain allegiance to the party as much as possible. After all, I am a human being. As humans, mistakes are made inadvertently. I resign from the party so that my mistake will not harm the party.

Letter to P.M.

An ecological zone has been declared by the government near the Statue of Unity in the Shulpaneshwar Sanctuary area. The ecological zone includes the Narmada District Statue of Narmada District and 121 villages in its vicinity Nandode, Garudeshwar, Dadiapada and Sagbara. Include. Therefore, he wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove this ecology zone. The central and state governments should first understand the tribals and then implement such laws, he wrote.

Resentment has been seen in the people over the interference of the government. They are angry with the government and some people are also preparing to agitate.

MPs met Modi

A year ago, among the tribal MPs of Gujarat BJP, Mansukhbhai Vasava of Bharuch Lok Sabha, Prabhubhai Vasava of Bardoli, Jeetaben Rathwa of Chhotepur and Jaswant Singh Bhabhor of Dahah wrote letters to PM Modi.

After that, all these MPs met Modi personally. The Government of India has proposed action to remove Rabari, Bharwad and Charan castes from the list of Scheduled Tribes.

In this regard, Bharuch Lok Sabha BJP MP Mansukh Vasava said, “We have introduced PM Modi to remove Rabari, Bharwad and Charan castes from the list of Scheduled Tribes.” They have also been made aware of the current situation in Gujarat. A movement is being organized by the tribal community at the Satyagraha camp in Gandhinagar, BJP MP Mansukh Vasava reached out to support the tribal agitators.

Earlier, BJP MP Mansukh Vasava himself supported the tribal movement. This shocked Modi. They were waiting for event.

Letter to CM

BJP MP Mansukh Vasava has once again written a letter to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, alleging that government officials are committing rampant corruption in Corona. Rupani targeted the government. The BJP was shaken by the demand for a high-level inquiry. A movement is being organized by the tribal community at the Satyagraha camp in Gandhinagar. BJP MP Mansukh Vasava reached out to support the tribal agitators.

Mansukh Vasava had said that officers do not believe and only officers rule in Gujarat. I will fight against any government if it is in the interest of tribals.

The tribal gets the wrong certificate without paying the money. I also tell other tribal leaders, if you have the strength, the support of tribals. You are something because of tribes. Work in the interest of tribals regardless of power. The tribals should not remain silent.

The campaign

Mansukh Vasava, a member of Bharuch and a native of Narmada Rajpipla, has been campaigning for the last one year to empower tribals. Some sitting tribal leaders did not like it. So, by calling Mansukh Vasava’s land line number, the days of your death are coming to a close, he gets a threatening call and finally he has filed a written complaint with the police chief of Bharuch district.

In front of Ahmad Patel

Bharuch MP Mansukh Vasava, who made the BJP invincible by winning six Lok Sabha elections in Bharuch in front of Ahmad Patel, Congress leader, is known for speaking to people all over Gujarat. They can say whatever is in public interest without embarrassing the party.

Because of this, he was removed from the ministry post in the central government. Congress treasurer and country’s leader Ahmed Patel is from Bharuch and cannot win Lok Sabha seat in Bharuch. He did not win his party Congress five times here. Fir was also the leader of the country’s front line.

Now Ahmad Patel is no more. As long as Ahmad Patel was there, there was a need for Mansukh Vasav.

Corruption is happening

BJP MP Vasava has written a letter to the Bharuch Collector on August 23, 2018, in which he said that hospitals and clinics being maintained by the Health Department Corruption is taking place in Moisture from monsoon water. In addition, royalties of soil and sand used in the construction of a four-track road from Ankleshwar to Rajpipla and the new road from Rajpipla to Devalia are being stolen. The sand from Poicha Bridge to Bat has been lifted without permission. Mines are extracting stones without permission. This work was started to stop. No action has been taken. Notice has been given to small contractors but nothing has been done to large contractors. Farmers are being arrested and action is being taken against them. But no action is taken against the sand mafias.

Had to go due to Anandi

If Anandiben did not respond, I will resign,

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Mansukh Vasava threatened to resign after making necessary representation for the rapid development of tribals. The tribal districts have many problems like Dahod, Chhotapur, Narmada, Tapi. Education should be provided with quality. As it is not, tribal children are not able to do well in competitive examinations. If these issues are not resolved, I will resign as Union Minister. He said this at a function in Vadodara on 3 July 2016 and was removed from the Union Cabinet.

What was my fault

Mansukh Vasava, the only parliamentarian out of 26 in the Lok Sabha, was made Minister of State on 24 May 2014. He was kicked out of the Modi government for speaking out against Anandiben. Earlier, he had said, “What was my fault in resigning as Minister of State for Tribal Affairs in the Central Government?” I will now speak loudly in front of the government that I am independent. I no longer worry about status or power. I will continue to represent the government on tribal issues. I’ll stick to the truth. The water of the Narmada dam should also reach the people of Narmada and Bharuch district. I am not going to join Congress party, JDU or BPS. From now on, I will not hold any position, I will only act as an MP. Represent the truth, speak the truth.

As a minister, nobody listened to me

Manshukha, who resigned from the cabinet on 6 July 2016, said that despite his tireless efforts for the benefit of the tribal community, he consistently felt that no one in his own ministry counted him. There was an atmosphere of protest against him. Chief Minister Anandiben Patel was repeatedly requested for the proper implementation of the schemes for the benefit of the tribals of the eastern belt of the state. But there was no support from the state government. The condition of schools in Gujarat is very pathetic under the Eklavya School Scheme of the Center. If the government does not take any action in this regard, will resign from the ministry. However, the state government did not take any action, he said. The BJP caucus had instructed him to resign after the letter in which he wrote a letter asking him to resign. Dissatisfied people in the Gujarat government must have complained to me. Because of which my resignation was taken from the ministry. In a meeting held in the hostel grounds on 26 April 2014 before the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Mansukh Vasava as an honest and clean leader and declared Mansukh Vasava public.

I will not join Bhilistan Tiger Army

BJP MP from Rajpipla Mansukh Vasava accused teachers, education and education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama at the opening ceremony of the school. Teachers are responsible for poor results. In my area, 60 to 70 percent of teachers gamble and teachers also drink alcohol. How can teachers of alcohol and gambling teach children. Education Minister has failed. When Education Minister Bhupendr Chudasama lied to him, Vasava repeated the allegations with the same aggression. Statistics show that government teachers are earning higher salaries than private schools. Government schools are currently closing. Education practice is responsible for that.

Revolver threatened to kill

On January 16, 2018, Gir’s Rabri, Charan and Bharwad were asked to cancel their certificates issued in the name of tribals in my three days, expelling them by giving them tribal certificates. He has given an application to the SP and demanded an inquiry. After raising questions in Parliament, they have now come under fire from the Bharwad and Rabari communities. His death knot is solved, the revolver is enough. Such threats were made. I have a pre-planned conspiracy to stop the fight from bullying. They suspected that this work was being done by the shepherds and rabbis of Saurashtra. In this regard, Mansukh Vasava is provided with a protective shield by a police constable with two arms.

Spend the word kill me

MP Mansukh Vasava and District BJP in-charge Satish Patel raised the issue on June 14, 2018, and there was a fight between MPs Mansukh Vasava and Congress councilors Suresh Vasava and Kamal Chauhan.

GPCB is corrupt

On May 17, 2018, corruption was reported at the highest level without hesitation. Bharuch and the surrounding areas had lodged a direct written complaint with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, alleging that GPCB officials harassed small and medium industries Have been. He said that small and medium enterprises associated with Panoli and Ankleshwar GIDC in Bharuch district are often harassed by GPCB officials on the pretext of pollution and ghost connections. Which is not really fair.

Why give rotten almonds

On March 17, 2018, with the Kranti train coming to Delhi from Vadodara between Nizamuddin and Mumbai in August, MPs including Mansukh Vasava received dried fruits with roasted almonds for breakfast. Ranjanben Bhatt, MP from Vadodara and Ramsingh Rathwa MP from Chhotsupur, MP from Bharuch and Mansukh Vasava and former Union Minister from Delhi were coming to Vadodara. The MPs were traveling in the August Kranti train. They were served breakfast. In which dry fruits were served. He immediately called the pantry in-charge of the train and complained that the almonds in the packet were rotten. Complained about this by taking pictures of breakfast and sending it immediately to the Railway Minister.

Mansukh Vasava silent in 9000 crore Zynga scam

In September 2017, there were 98 lakes in Vamleshwar and Katpor villages of Hansotaluka in Bharuch, out of which 23 lakes were demolished at a cost of Rs. More than 1200 lakes built on government land in Alibat were demolished three years ago. Ginga is selling at Rs 200 per kg. The 900-crore Ginga Lake scandal sparked controversy across the state. The lake scandal was followed by communal riots in which three youths were killed. Corruption of crores was responsible for Hansot riots. Therefore, many people of BJP had resigned. BJP MP Musukh Vasava did not utter a word despite the Rs 9,000 crore scam and communal riots. Those who told the truth were silent.(translated from Gujarati)