14 thousand schools no playground, now school without ground is not approved

No school was allowed without a sports ground, but 14,000 schools do not even have a ground.
Gandhinagar, 20 March 2021
In the last two years, no school in the state has been sanctioned without a playground. Strict rules have been enacted in 2018 to ensure that not a single school is allowed in the state of Gujarat without a playground.

The details came to light in a question asked by the Congress in the House of Gujarat Legislative Assembly about the playground in schools. The playground should be at a reasonable distance from the school.

It is not in the interest of education to have the option of revoking the recognition of a baseless school. The government believes so. The dropout ratio is likely to increase. Therefore, a decision cannot be taken in the interest of education. This is exactly what Education Minister Vibhavariben Dave said in the Assembly.

Another option is to provide playgrounds. For this, in government schools where there is no land, the nearest government grounds, plots, waste or other government spaces can be selected and this base can be used. But the state government has not revealed how many schools have done so.

According to the old survey, out of 8,000 private primary schools in the state, 5,500 schools do not have playgrounds. Out of 21 thousand, 14 thousand schools do not have grounds.

While out of 12,599 secondary and higher secondary schools, 6004 schools do not have Aadhaar.

40% of the schools have no playground for children.
Most schools in urban areas do not have playgrounds. There are many schools that only run in shopping centers. Tuition runs like a class.

According to the old rule, the minimum distance of a school with 500 students in an urban area should be 1200 sqm. There should be open space. 2 thousand sqm for rural area. Land is required.

According to the new rule, the school has 1200 sqm for itself and is for the school premises as well as the urban area. And 2000 sqm for rural area. Only those who have land get approval for the new school. GDCR is to release additional land accordingly.

If the number of students in the school increases, the field area will also have to be increased.
In November 2020, the government directed to survey the plains. The details have been withheld by the government.

School administrators have built the school on the playground itself. He also announced the issuance of notice. but nothing happened.

He announced that the government would take action against those who had canceled the playground at the time of approval and allocated it for other activities. but nothing happened.

The government is ready to give the land which is lying vacant. If there is private land, the government is ready to mediate and help the school administrator.

Government schools have playgrounds, private schools do not have playgrounds.

1200 private schools in Ahmedabad do not have playground facilities. The government has decided that no school in the state should be without a sports ground. The government has also decided to build a new school.

When an administrator comes for recognition, he or she will be told first that the playground facility will be recognized.

Earlier, the department had decided that schools with an area of ​​1,200 square meters would be recognized in urban areas, but now the area has been reduced to 800 square meters as per the new order.

The area in the rural area was earlier fixed at 2000 square meters, but now it has been reduced to 1500 square meters as per the new order.

Grounds are available in all 7 government schools in Patan. Out of 207 private schools, only two schools do not have grounds. Which has been instructed to make available. While two of the 15 government schools in Mehsana district do not have grounds. In which the nearby government plot is being used as land. Also, out of 363 private schools in Mehsana district, only one school does not have grounds. Where there is no land, work is going on to build the land nearby. (Translated from Gujarati)