Life of Ex. MLA on BPL card in Gujarat, how many MLAs were elected in history

Life of a former MLA on BPL card

Dilip Patel, Gandhinagar, 25 June 2022

Former MLA Jethabhai Bhurabhai Rathore had filed a case against the government in the court for pension. After a long legal battle, the court ruled in his favor. But, he has not got pension yet nor has any government helped him. Today they are living in poverty. Live on cheap food grains from the government. Till date no action has been taken by the government to give them pension in the 28 years of BJP rule. It also raises questions about the way the government works. Repeated representations have been made to the government. The government had announced help but did not get it. Not a single building has been built. Justice has not been received even after the formation of a special commission for the former MLA.

At present there are an estimated 400 former MLAs. A total of 1200 MLAs have been elected in Gujarat so far. MLAs from Mumbai State and Saurashtra State are not counted.

25 crore today

Today’s leader has nothing to do with poverty. The monthly salary of an MLA ranges from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh. In such a situation, in a period of 5 years, about Rs 12 crore is earned, but many questions arise in view of the pathetic condition of former Gujarat MLA Jethabhai Rathore. The government spends on an average Rs 2 to 2.40 lakhs every month for a facility behind one MLA of Gujarat. In this way, if we talk about salary and facilities, then in 5 years 25 crores is paid from the tax of the people.

Purchase of MLAs in crores

The Sarpanch of the village also lives in a luxury lifestyle. Most MLAs become billionaires in 5 years, now MLAs are being bought for crores. In the Rajya Sabha elections of July 28, 2017, the BJP was accused of horse-trading and paying Rs 10 to 16 crore from Congress MLAs. Tribal MLAs Poona Gamit, Mangal Gamit, Ishwar Patel rejected the offer.

Whereas Jethabhai Rathore has to run his house from a cheap food shop in Sabarkantha, Gujarat. Have to depend on BPL card.

independent elected

Jethabhai Rathore was an independent MLA from Khedbrahma-Vijaynagar in Sabarkantha from 1967 to 1971. He defeated the Congress candidate by over 17,000 votes. At that time he campaigned everywhere by bicycle. His name is Jethabhai in the records of the Legislative Assembly. But the real name is Jethabhai. Plots not found in Gandhinagar.

Teba lives in the village

Jethabhai lives in a hut-like house in his native village Tebra village on the Rajasthan border of Posina in Vijayanagar taluka. There is no source of income. In the midst of poverty in slums, they are living a miserable life in sick condition. A sick wife cannot be treated in a good hospital. Farming. His children are run by an agricultural laborer and a small shop.


The MLA laid the foundation stone for irrigation and modern drip irrigation in the area. The problems of the people were solved by going from village to village by bicycle in the area. The secretariat was going by ST bus. He built roads and 44 lakes in his constituency. Many good things happened. The Jats left to serve the people. Everyone has now forgotten Jethabhai and his work. Jethabhai, 80, who lives in a joint family with five sons and grandchildren, has to live as a BPL beneficiary. Now he has to go to the collector’s office for livelihood. Relief work was carried out during the times of people’s sorrow during the famine.

Beds were made in government hospitals. There was a stir among the medical staff.

school entrance ceremony 54 years ago

He did a great job of sending children to schools in villages where children were less educated. Pravtsov School he started in 1967. Who was enrolled in the school 55 years ago. Modi government may take the glory of Shala Pravtsov, the real glory goes to Jethabhai.

honest life

Living honestly has never been worth a lifetime. Lives in an inherited hut-like house. 5 sons work in the field. Lived on policy and principles only. The society has given such a revenge to the MLA who has crossed the age of 80 to live honestly. There is no one to wipe the tears of such MLA. Politicians living a life of luxury may not even know that such a poor former MLA lives in Gujarat. No car, bungalow or bank balance. Served the poor and gullible people of the area. Today’s politicians or leaders do not even bother to ask for information. The only surviving ex-MLA from Gujarat with BPL card.

Several MLAs have been elected to the Khedbrahma assembly on the tribal reserved seat in Sabarkantha district. No one has such a situation. The name of Jethabhai Rathore is still known by the local people.

need such a leader

The way MLAs are being bought and transferred for crores of rupees in Gujarat, today such leaders are needed. Jethabhai has been dedicated to Gujarat because of his honesty.

what you want to say

Jethabhai says that, provide help to the MLAs in bad financial condition. Do a survey for this.

50 crore to a woman MLA

Congress MLA Chandrikaben Baraiya was asked to join BJP for Rs 50 crore. I don’t want to go for car or bungalow. Baraiya alleged that Jitu Chaudhary and Mangal Gavit were carrying Rs. Chandrikaben was offered Rs 10 crore for the Rajya Sabha elections and a minister and election expenses.

how many women legislators

In 2017, 13 women MLAs were elected. With them, a total of 137 women from 1960 to 2017

Legislators were barely elected. Immediately after independence women were selected in proportion to the total number.

In the 2012 elections, a total of 61 women candidates contested, out of which 19 women were given tickets by the BJP. Out of which 12 won and their success rate was 63.16 percent. Similarly, in the last assembly elections, 12 women were given tickets by the Congress, out of which four women were successful in getting elected. The success rate was 33.33 percent. In 1960, the number of women legislators was 12.

The number of women legislators has never been more than 16. Which is less than nine percent of the total population. The Gujarat Assembly has seen 16 women MLAs thrice in 2012, 2007 and 1985.

How many MLAs have gone so far

In June 2019, the 24th General Meeting of the Ex-MLA (Ex-MLA) Council was held in Gandhinagar to provide pension to the MLAs. In which he demanded that if pension is given to former MLAs of other states, then why is it not given in Gujarat. All MPs of Gujarat get pension so why not MLAs. This question was raised in the meeting. It was held at Gandhinagar Circuit House in place of Council President and former MLA Babubhai Meghjibhai Shah. The meeting was attended by former MLAs including former ministers Jaynarayan Vyas, Dilip Sanghani and Vadilal Patel.

400 former MLAs in 2019

A total of 1200 MLAs were elected in Gujarat. There are less than 400 former MLAs in the entire state. There is a poor financial situation for some former members, which they felt could be helped to make a living. For this a law should be passed in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. Those who want to take pension take it and those who do not want to take pension they do not. The government gives only what it has to give to the former MLAs. There should be such a provision in the law. There are some former MLAs who really need financial help.

public protest

There is a strong opinion that politicians should not be given pension. When he is MLA, he gets good salary. Presently he gets a salary of Rs 1.25 lakh. There is also an opinion that people have chosen for five years. They should not be paid, they should not be given any government facility. Because he is not the official, he is the representative of the people. The public elects him for five years, if he does not want to serve, he should not contest. Therefore, a large section of Gujarat is believing that pension should not be given under any circumstances. The government should make assistance or other special arrangements to those elderly people whose economic condition is bad but they should not be given pension.

20 thousand two

There is a demand in front of the government that a pension of 10 to 20 thousand rupees should be given. What is given to a member of the Lok Sabha should be given as per the policy. The government should give a pension of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month depending on the Lok Sabha. If a former member of Lok Sabha has been given pension since 1991, then why not a former MLA from Gujarat? For this, there is a burden of 10 to 20 crores annually.

So why closed the year of kings

If the birth anniversary of former kings can be stopped, then how can pension be given to former MLAs? This question is often asked. The same question was raised when National Council National Vice President and former MLA Valjibhai Danicha for the first time demanded that the former MLAs of Gujarat be given pension and other benefits like other states. For which Sardar Patel had promised to pay annual, it was closed.

Pension demand since 1997

There is a demand for pension for former MLAs since the inception of the council in 1997. The people of Gujarat have come to protest this.

Shankarlal used to consider Guru pension as the right of the MLA. In the first assembly, Mahendra Desai, a former MLA from Nadiad, became a member of the council after his legislature was abolished and was against retirement pay. In protest, he went on a public fast twice at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. The pensioners and those who opposed it belonged to the same party. Which was Bhaikaka’s independent party. Now BJP, Congress and other party MLAs are demanding retirement salary.

Silence against those who take money from corruption

Since independence, 5 legislatures have been made up of clean legislators and then corrupt legislatures. Being an MLA for five years means a lifetime, some MLAs do so much corruption as they earn money in every generation. Declares twice as many assets as last year when standing in the second election. But many people do not disclose that the wealth of black money is 100 times more than that. Had the ex-legislative council made the first demand that the property of those who became former MLAs from corruption should be investigated and the money received from them should be given pension, then the people of Gujarat would have accepted the demand of Babubhai Shah. and Jaynarayan Vyas. But such a demand was never made. Such opinions are being expressed by citizens.

Mahendra Mashru

Initially elected to the Junagadh seat, independents later elected to the seat of the Bharatiya Janata Party took only one rupee a month for their salary. They were opposing wages. He has also decided not to take pension.

Shankarlal Guru

The Gujarat East Legislative Council has been the life president since its inception in 1997. Shankarlal Guru – Shankarbhai Mohanlal Patel – lived. Lived in political and cooperative areas. Elected from Unjha assembly seat of independent party.

second demand

The former MLAs have demanded free medicine, free rail travel of 20,000 km, free travel in STs.