16-year-old Athletic Heer Parekh of Surat becomes Swastik Girl, Top Angle reaches the world

Surat, 24 November 2020

Heer Parekh, a 16-year-old student from Surat. The swastika is clearly visible from the top angle. He spread both his hands and feet at 90 degrees to make him swastika. Swastika Mudra is made by keeping both hands and both feet at 90 degrees.

he is athletic. He has won silver and gold medals in Gujarat. When he saw his father and Ben checking the swastika symbol on social media, he decided to make such a swastika from his body. Being athletic, she has been able to do so.

Swasti attempted to overcome the negativity of Corona. Being an athlete himself made this posture easier. She does not upload her photo on social media. But Swastik’s picture was uploaded for the first time.

It is becoming very viral in other countries including the states of India, the United States, Italy.