3D model technique saves organs for cancerous sarcoma patients at GCRI


Recently GCRI (Gujarat Cancer Research Institute) of Ahmedabad has started using new technology in bone and soft tissue tumor (sarcoma). 50 Sarcoma surgeries have been performed at GCRI with the help of 3D models and portable navigation system.

A program was organized in honor of 50 patients. 35 patients participated. Many of them shared their experiences and struggles with fighting sarcoma.

Early diagnosis is essential in the treatment of sarcoma. Patients who have stage III or IV cancer and who require surgery and comprehensive treatment. They may not receive proper treatment due to late diagnosis. Even their limbs cannot be saved.

Early detection of bone and tissue tumors can bring relief to the patient through minimal and effective treatment in most cases. Also their organs can be saved.

Liquid nitrogen/cryosurgery, computer navigation techniques as well as 3D printed models and implants are used for complex bone and soft tissue tumor surgeries. Innovative methods help us to preserve the original bone of the patient. In surgery, a specific part of the bone is cut.

The tumor is removed, sterilized and attached to a customized 3D printed metal plate. Such accurate results cannot be obtained with conventional surgical methods. The innovative surgical technique is a ‘medical boon’ for the treatment of complex bone tumors involving the shoulder joint, knee joint and pelvic region.

50 surgeries have been performed at GCRI with the help of 3D models and portable navigation system.

The GCRI Oncology Department through the Departments of Oncosurgery, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology performs various types of cancer treatments and surgeries using modern technology and gadgets.

Orthopedic Onco Surgeon Dr. Abhijit Salunke and his team performed ‘rotationplasty’ surgery. The organs of a small child were successfully saved. With which the child will soon be able to go back to his home and school. Rotationplasty is a surgical procedure used for bony tumors of the lower limbs. It is a type of modified amputation surgery.

Turunplasty is a surgery in which the nerves controlling the leg are not preserved.

This surgery is a middle way between limb saving and amputation surgery. The operated leg is shortened compared to the opposite leg. After healing, a prosthetic leg is placed on the surgical leg.

Dr Shashank Pandya, Director, GCRI said, Sarcoma treatment is multidisciplinary and the doctors and staff of GCRI are working hard to provide world class treatment at affordable cost.