Modi is searching for Dwarka and Rupani is talking about Dwarka to the Golden Age

Dwarka, 1 January 2020

Projects worth Rs 72 crores have been launched in Devbhumi Dwarka district for health, education, water and tourism. The BJP government has announced that the golden age of Dwarka will come again. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said this in Dwarka on 31 December 2020.

Where does the Prime Minister say that Swarna Dwarka is

But Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Dwarka on 7 October 2017 that no one knows where Dwarka is. Narendra Modi visited Dwarkadhish and said in a public meeting that he has tasked the experts, where the Golden Dwarka is, find. Where did Swarna Dwarka go? This is the biggest question. There is a discussion of a gold Dwarka on the pages of history or just a story. He is the subject of investigation. Prime Minister Modi said.

Then Rupani, says that there will be a golden age in Dwarka city.

Several addresses have been found for Dwarka, but no concrete evidence has yet been found. Research is not enough. The rush to find Gold Dwarka. If Dwarka is actually discovered, then 100 percent evidence will be found.

How Lord Krishna’s Dwarka was made of gold

When Lord Krishna and Yadav left Mathura and came to the coast of Saurashtra, they set their sights on the vast coastal region for the construction of the city, and invoked Vishwakarma, and asked for the construction of the city of Dwarka. This work could be completed only when the sea provided some land for the construction of Dwarkanagari. When Vishwakarma told this to Krishna, Krishna worshiped the sea god and pleased the sea god dedicated twelve zojan lands. On this, Vishwakarma built the golden city of Dwarka. The city is also known as Dwaravati and Kushasthali.

Dwarka drowned in 36 years

36 years after the war of Mahabharata, Dwarka, built by Lord Krishna, was immersed in the sea. Krishna’s life was ended by a hunter’s arrow at Bhalakithirtha near Somnath. Lord Krishna was cremated at Triveni Sangam on the banks of Somnath on the banks of the Arabian Sea. After that time, this ancient city of Dwarka was permanently submerged in the sea. When Yudhishthira was crowned after the war of Mahabharata, Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas, blamed Lord Krishna for the war of the Mahabharata and cursed that the Yadu dynasty would be destroyed just as the Kaurava dynasty was destroyed. After the war of Mahabharata, Yadukul was destroyed in internal war.

In the same way, Arjuna comes and takes the people of Dwarka with him.

city under water

The Mahabharata states that the city of Dwarka was submerged. Archaeological excavations along the coast of Dwarka have uncovered the remains of a city under water. It is considered to be a 1500 year old Harappan culture city.

Devotees consider it the golden Dwarka of Krishna.

Where is Krishna’s Dwarka?

Historians differ on where Dwarka was. Five thousand years have passed since Krishna’s age ended, but the question of Krishna’s stay in Dwarka still remains. There is a legend that the golden Dwarka sank in the ocean floor. Therefore, the notion that Dwarka is a city of sea water is strong. And research is being done in that direction. But no concrete evidence has been found so far.

What does history say

Today’s Dwarka city is considered to be the same original Dwarka city. Devoted poet Narasimha Mehta wrote a bill to Shalamia, which read, ‘Swasti Srimanta Shubh Charan Dwaramati, Kaaru Pranam Se Rai Ranchod, Sagrabate in a typical beach of Vaso, Shamla Seth famous name’. Accordingly, Betdwar is the real Dwarka. On the other hand, Adya Shankaracharya considers the present Dwarka as the original Dwarka. This is why he founded Shardapith. Archaeologists also consider this Dwarka as the original Dwarka.

Near a mountain called Raiwatak

Another thing is that as described in Mahabharata, Dwarka was near a mountain, which was called Raiyavatak. Where there is Dwarka today, there is no mountain. One possibility is that Junagadh is being presented as Dwarka, but no evidence or clue has been found.

Near Kodinar

There is a village in Kodinar originally called Dwarka. The remains of the 10th century AD are found here. During the excavation, round construction was found here. And this building was fifteen feet high. Ancient beacons of Saurashtra have also been found. Eminent archaeologists believe of Dwarka.

During Lord Krishna’s time, Dwarka was Swarnim.