Gujarat bye-elections States will be with Bihar General Assembly Elections

Delhi, 4 SEP 2020

Commission meeting was held today regarding holding of bye-elections due in various states. Presently, there are 65 clear vacancies due for bye-elections in Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency, out of which there are 64 vacancies in the State Legislative Assemblies of various states and 1(one) vacancy for Parliamentary Constituency.

The Commission reviewed the reports and inputs from Chief Secretaries/ Chief Electoral Officers of many of the concerned states seeking deferment of the bye-elections in their states in view of several factors including the extra-ordinary heavy rains in some places and other constraints like pandemic etc.

Considering that General Assembly Elections of Bihar are also due and required to be completed before 29th November 2020, Commission has decided to conduct all the 65 bye-elections and the General Assembly Elections of Bihar around the same time. One of the major factors in clubbing them together is the relative ease of movement of CAPF/ other law and order forces, and related logistics issues.

Announcement of schedule of Bihar General Assembly Elections as well as these bye-elections will be done by the Commission at appropriate time.