Entire land of Gandhinagar city was bought for Rs 5 crore 50 years ago, now value of single plot is Rs 5 crore

Lack of land in the city

Gandhinagar, 5 November 2020

After the formation of Gandhinagar, the Gujarat government had given 25,000 concessional plots to MPs, MLAs, government employees in various fields between 1970 and 1995. Which is worth billions today. But now a situation has arisen where there is no open land in the sector area of ​​the city. Not only this, in the last seven years, plots have not been given since politicians and officials made a profit by selling discounted plots.

In Gandhinagar, plots have been sold for Rs 50 lakh to 5 crore at a discounted rate of Rs 50,000 to 2.5 lakh. Politicians and officials sold the plots and alleged high prices. In the last seven years, the government has received several demands for concessional plots. The government plans to provide plots at a higher rate in the future. It is also a fact that if land is acquired in this new area at a jantra rate, then government plots given to a politician, officer or employee will not be a concessional rate.

Gandhinagar city area is built on 14000 acres of land. At that time, the government had taken a total of 10,554 acres of land from farmers in 12 villages for just Rs 5 crore. Edited. Now the price of land has gone up to Rs 5 crore per plot. The government has not increased the land from Sector-1 to Sector-30 of the city, so Gandhinagar has to find new land in Guda. Even if the court decides in favor of the government, now legislators, MPs or officials will have to acquire land in Guda area for land plots. This means that land-seeking leaders and government officials have to forget the word ‘relief rate’.