6 lakh farmers of Gujarat have done it, now 10 lakh farmers know what to do

appealed to miscall  7827100300

Ahmedabad, 12 May 2020
The movement that started on 21 February 2020 to make mobile missed calls for 6 demands of farmers in Gujarat. Till 12 June 2020 by 6 million farmers by making missed calls. This is a unique record of Gujarat in which so many farmers have participated. Still, 5 to 10 thousand farmers are connected with missed calls every day. To solve these 6 problems of farmers, once the 1 million mids coal is reached, a database will be prepared and handed over to the Government of Gujarat.

Farmer leader Sagar Rabari said that at the Junagadh Bhavanath Mela, the Kisan Ekta Manch had started a movement to solve the problems of farmers by distributing a pamphlet.

Farmers in Surendranagar district and farmers across Gujarat have not received full compensation of premium and crop insurance for the losses caused by unseasonal rains. The farmers of Gujarat have represented in this regard many times and the Gujarat High Court has also warned the insurance companies to give immediate insurance to the farmers of Surendranagar district.

In order to ensure that a pamphlet has been issued, this pamphlet called for a permanent solution to the problem of farmers by making the government a miss call to solve the problem of farmers.

The motive of the movement for a miss call to find a permanent solution to the problem of farmers.

1 – Prepare, Gujarat Government Agriculture Policy
2- Gujarat Government should create Agriculture Commission
3 – 50% of the budget, villages, and farmers with 60% population, should be handed over to the Agriculture Commission.
4 – All types of loans of farmers should be waived.
5 – Capital-investment should be made in agriculture-animal husbandry-forest-fishing based industries.
6 – Signature of the farmer should be compulsory in the Agriculture Departments’ insurance survey.

To support these demands, peasants and pastoralists were appealed to miscall  7827100300. Has appealed farmers to participate in the fight for land rights.