8 installments Writer of Tarak Mehta, commits suicide in on line lone ford

Ahmedabad, 4 December 2020

The body of 37-year-old Abhishek Makwana of Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma in 8 installments of Chashma, which has been running for 12 years with 3100 installments, was found hanging on November 27 at his house in Kandivali. He had committed suicide. In a suicide note, someone committed suicide due to interest money paid. Lekhal of Laughing Serial had to commit suicide.

15 authors of Tarak Mehta

Abhishek lived before in Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Then Mumbai was shifted. He wrote two Gujarati television serials. But in Tarak Mehta he wrote 8 scripts only 2 times. He also wrote when no writer was absent. Thus, about 15 writers have come and gone in Tarak Mehta. There are 5 authors who are permanently alive. He was not a very famous writer. He had little contact with the people of Tarak Mehta.

The suicide note was written in Gujarati
Charkop police said the suicide note was written in Gujarati. It is written that he was facing personal life and financial problems for the last few months. He apologized to the family. He tried hard to fight the situation, but he lost. The problems were increasing rather than diminishing.

Brother Janice investigated

Abhishek’s brother Janice, who lives in Ahmedabad, said that his brother’s mobile phone was constantly receiving calls for loan repayments. He was threatened over the phone.
The message on mobile threatened that the information would be shared with his friends if he did not repay the loan. Abhishek’s friends also received similar calls, so he sent this message to all his friends so that they would not fall prey to cyber fraud, blackmailing.

Mail checked
There were calls from different numbers about repaying the loan. One number was registered in various states of Bangladesh, one in Myanmar and the other in India.

Paran gave a loan

The e-mail showed that a loan was taken from an easy loan app, Janice said. These loans have high interest rate. Even after not applying, they were sending a small amount. He charged a 30 percent interest rate on the loan.

Threatened family

Family and friends are also getting calls from scammers. They are being asked for money over the phone as Abhishek allegedly made them a guarantor in a loan. Cyber ​​fraud is said to be behind the deaths. Janice learned about the app from the Internet. These people were involved in cyber fraud.

What does the police say

Police said the family shared the number. Bank transactions are also seen. The current investigation found no evidence of fraud. There was also no evidence of harassment by the company.