Demand for world’s most reputed Max ventilator increased by 50% in Gujarat after Diwali


Gandhinagar, 4 December 2020

In the last few weeks, there has been a sudden jump of 50 per cent in the demand for ventilators. According to Ashok Patel, founder and MD of Max Ventilator, about 300 units were sold in October and now 600 have been sold. Max Ventilator is one of the top 25 brands in the world and one of the top leading brands in India.

Dussehra – Demand increased after Diwali

In the last few weeks, fresh Kovid-19 cases have increased. An essential life saving device for Kovid patients. This has led to increased demand for ventilators with increasing cases. The hike occurs after Dussehra and Diwali.

Demand from 250 to 1500

Max Ventilator of Vadodara-based AB Industries has sold more than 1,500 ICU ventilators between April and November 2020, compared to 250 units sold in 2019. The demand for ventilators has increased by 35% since Dussehra.

Production had to increase

Production capacity has been increased from 30 ventilators per month to 1000 per month. There will be more cases in winter, which will increase the demand for ventilators.

Max ventilators alone account for 15% of the ventilator supply. Max has formed a strategic alliance with BHEL to manufacture 1,500 other ventilators a month in Bhopal.

Country has many foreign demands

The company has sold in states such as Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka. Around 100 were sold in Kochi. Exports to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh, Turkey, Congo, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and Kabul.

Gujarat’s Name

AB Industries has been developing world-class ventilators for mechanical ventilation since 1995. Provides government hospitals, semi-government institutions, corporate hospitals, multi-specialty hospitals.