Against 22 crore unemployed, only 7 lakh 22 thousand have employment

Against 22 crore unemployed, only 7 lakh 22 thousand have employment

5 thousand crore rupees were collected from the unemployed youth of the country as examination form fee.

An amount of 5 thousand crores has been recovered as examination form fee from 20.05 crore Bokaro in 8 years of central government job.

Against 20 crore unemployment, 7.22 lakh have barely got jobs.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and in the BJP’s election manifesto, Modi had promised jobs by creating 2 crore jobs every year. Accordingly, 16 crore jobs should have been created in 8 years.

Instead of providing jobs to 8 crore people, jobs have been denied. as well as CMIE. and labor force details.

The details given in the Lok Sabha regarding government recruitment are shocking. Recruitment in Central Government Public Enterprises has been stopped. Many public entities like airports, seaports, power units are privatized.

Government jobs are being snatched from the hands of the youth of the country because government companies are being handed over to private entrepreneurs.

An ugly picture is emerging regarding unemployment. In the 8 years from 2014-15 to 2021-22, the government received 22.05 crore applications. One-sixth of the country’s population applies. In which 7.22 lakh youth got employment.

In Gujarat, incidents like large-scale corruption, malpractice, paper leaks are happening frequently in government recruitments.

When the recruitment is announced in the government department, immediately the price of ten lakh to twenty five lakh is circulated by the agents like a tender.

There is scam in Panchayat Selection Board or Secondary Service Selection Board. There is corruption in the Gujarat Public Service Commission.

Rumors of paper burst, merit have surfaced many times.