Question has been raised as how exactly cow dung revolution is happening in Anand

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

Dr. Verghese Kurien created an incredible white revolution through cooperatives. The cow dung revolution is now starting in Anand where the white revolution started. Rabari-dung of cattle dung will be procured by cooperative societies like milk. The women will run the congregation, which will build their home-made gas plant using German technology. Women will get an income of Rs 3,000 per month from savings of Rs 300 gas and Rs 300 per month.

It would cost around Rs 25,000, but with the help, a female cattle rancher would have to invest Rs 5,000 to set up a gas plant. After release of gas, slurry rubber will be sold for 0.75 paise to 2 rupees per liter. Thus income from milk, gas and rubber will be generated. With this Rabri companies will make fertilizer for sale and sell it to farmers. India has new technology.

2 million families have livestock

40% of manure is burnt in Gujarat – In Gujarat, 40% of cow dung is made and used as fuel. Burning compost or cow dung which is used 10%. There are 2 million livestock families in Gujarat. The total number of farmers is 4.5 million.

200 lakh metric ton Rabdi-dung

Around 60% of the cattle in Gujarat can get cow dung. 300 grams of solid rubber is obtained from 1 gram of manure. On an average there are 3-4 animals in a family. 10 to 15 kg of manure is obtained from the animal. 200 million metric tons of rabri-dung can be found.

Free gas

If 40% fertilizer is used for a gas plant in Gujarat, all the villages will get free gas. Farmers can take care of their farmyard manure and medicine or plants. Then only CNG gas is used in cities but villages can become self-sufficient.

Who holds the patent for separating water and solids from rubber?

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