Arrest Gujarat BJP President Patil for illegal drug, expel him from MP post – Congress

Ahmedabad, 16 April 2021
Gujarat Congress leader Deepak Babaria said that BJP’s Vijay Rupani government has completely failed to handle the current situation in Corona. BJP state president CR Patil illegally stocked Corona’s remedial ejection. Rupani did not take any action. Take action against Patil. Grab Be removed from the MP The person who has 101 gun in front of them should start their investigation.

Give equal justice
Public interest litigation filed by Paresh Dhanani, Congress leader and Leader of Opposition of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly against the criminal act is welcome in the Gujarat High Court. The Gujarat High Court will implement the high ideals and principles of the judiciary. All citizens should be treated equally in the judiciary of the country. No one is above the law in the writ petition against the BJP president. Will give justice in the interest of the people on the basis of merits and demerits.

Expect justice
At one time, 5,000 injections were collected illegally. Not giving 5,000 Korana patients to the hospital is a crime. People are expecting justice from the High Court in front of Patil.

Above law
Babaria further said that BJP state president Patil was proving himself above the law. I am the government. Asked me who has shown such an attitude. His own image has become a coin of government.

Chief minister oblivious
Even Chief Minister Vijay Rupani did not know where the injections came from, so he had to ask CR to answer to a question from reporters to ask Patil where the injections came from.

Rupani government in Patil’s pocket

On one hand, the public does not get such an ejection. Patil gets 5000 injections. This means that Patil Rupani’s image of keeping the government in his pocket is emerging in the minds of the people.
If you want to sell even a simple medicine pill, you have to get a legal license.

Flouted the laws
In the sun, the BJP office in Surat was standing in a public line. A quantity of injections was illegally stored by Patil in the BJP office. All laws were dismantled. Has openly violated the Drugs Act.

Fear of Patil
The Rupani government did not dare to register a case under the Drugs Act against its leader for fear of Patil. Therefore, the Leader of the Opposition is forced to knock the door of the High Court in the interest of the people.

Arrest him
CR Patil is also a senior MP in the Lok Sabha. Lawmakers keep an illegal drug without legal process and approval. The lives of many Koro patients were endangered by being stored in the Bharatiya Janata Party office. He has committed heinous acts. The police arrest him immediately.

No courage
If the mask slides slightly below the nose, the stick falls on the common people. Police does not register a case against Patil for illegal stocking of life-saving drugs. The police also dared to arrest him.

Cancel membership
Membership of Lok Sabha Speaker Chandrakant Patil should be canceled to take criminal proceedings. As MP, he is not given unlimited power.

The BJP has betrayed the people of Gujarat who have been in power for 25 years. The corona stands in long lines from the treatment to Smashan, the cemetery.
Court, BJP rulers should be made aware of the supremacy of the Constitution and the law and respect the law.