Gujarat Kisan Sangh Recall your demand of 10 years, why are you silent?


Gandhinagar, 21 December 2020

The farmers are opposing the black law, and the Gujarat Kisan Sangh, a RSS wing, BJP supporter, has become a parrot and has kept quiet instead of talking about the farmer. The BJP’s Rupani is with the government, but the Kisan Sangh does not belong to the 30 lakh poor farmer families in Gujarat.

At the Kisan Adhikar Rally in Gandhinagar on December 16, 2011, farmers demanded the right to not beggar. Elderly leaders of the Kisan Sangh, including Jeevan Dada, Dayaram Dakkad, Ambubhai Patel and other leaders, attacked the government and demanded the rights of the farmers.

An ultimatum with 28 questions was issued by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (IFU) for immediate resolution of the profitable prices of electricity, water, seeds, agricultural products and revenue issues, in which the policies of pro-industrial and pro-farmer policies of Gujarat and Center Was told

Application form submitted to the Governor

Addressing the rally, in 2011, President of the State Farmers Union Magan Patel said that it is unfortunate that a farmer is committing suicide every 27 minutes in the country.

Industry friendly government

Industry-friendly policies are formulated by the Congress government chosen by the farmers. Now farmers want rights, not with the help of governments.

Will camp in Delhi

National General Secretary of Kisan Union Prabhakar Kelkar said that if the farmers do not get remuneration price based on the cost of their produce, then they will now camp in Delhi.

Criticized the Dark Zone in 58 taluks of Gujarat. Out of these 28 demands, the government has succeeded in finding a solution with its BJP government in 10 years.

Demand were raised by the farmers association

1- Repair the water sheet in time.

2- Farmers’ letters should be given to all farmers.

3- 7-12, 8a and copy of Haqq sheet should be given.

4- Apply 1% stamp duty on sale and purchase of agricultural land.

5- Change of land to old status after 15 years to new holder of land

6- Give subsidy by giving electricity connection in dark zone.

7 – Electricity connection for agriculture in 6 months and regular 8 hours continuous electricity.

8 – Remove 8-meter practice.

9 – Keep the same power rate.

10 – Settlement of application for connection within 1 year.

11 – Stop harassing farmers on the pretext of meter inspection.

13 – Provide emergency death support of Rs 5 lakh to the farming family.

14 – Give agricultural loans at  1% interest rate.

15- Complete exemption of VAT from fertilizer, diesel, medical, mechanical equipment.

16- Get rid of exploitation in the market yard.

17- Start computer weighing (weight) at APMC.

18- Increase the real value of farmers’ animals.

19- Repair of canals. Narmada canal water is not available.

20- Allow the silt in the demo-ponds to be removed and filled in the field

21- Harassment of Bijli will be opposed to persecution on the pretext of investigation.

22- Rs 100 per kg is not given to farmers who make Bt cotton seeds.

23- Set a support price of more than Rs 1000 against the falling price of cotton.

24- Wheat-paddy, vegetable prices should be planned in advance.

25 – Carbon credit should be given to farmers as it is given to government industries.

Now the Kisan Sangh has become silent on this issue. It helps the BJP and the RSS, not the farmers.