Industry needs to implement Industry 4.0 to be more competitive

FICCI along with Department of Heavy Industry under the Samarth Udyog Initiative organized an awareness workshops on Industry 4.0. with an objective to foster adoption of smart manufacturing. This Awareness workshop on Industry 4.0 – Preparing for Digital Transformation In Indian Manufacturing in Ahmedabad is a joint initiative of Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), FICCI and Capital Goods Skill Council (CGSC) which is a joint body of FICCI and DHI.

The key objective of today’s workshop is to create awareness about the new technologies that would have implications for manufacturing operations and capture some of the key trends that are going to be promising for Indian Manufacturing sector.

The half day workshop aimed to provide an understanding about where Indian industry currently stands in respect of new technologies and Industry 4.0 and more importantly how prepared is the industry for transition. Mr. Sunil Parekh- Co-Chair, FICCI Gujarat State Council – Said that technology revolution is going on and we need to tap these trends. In the current scenario , manufacturing processes need to be increasingly technology driven and constantly move up the technology value chain. Industry 4.0 in pharma industry is must. Upto 15 Pharma companies have implemented Industry 4.0 but there is a long way to go.

Mr. Jaimin Shah Chair,IT Sub Committee of FICCI Gujarat State Council- Industry 4.0 is important to move toward mature manufacturing system. Skilling and Re skilling is equally important. Speaking at the workshop Mr Amritpal Raheja, Director- Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, said that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),is a key element in Industry 4.0. IoT is not just sensors, rather it is a complete solution .With the use of IoT entire supply chain can become efficient . Mr Shirish Divgi, Managing Director, Plastics Machinery Asia, Milacron India rivate Ltd –delivered a presentation on Implication of Industry 4.0 . Mr Amish Lakhani, Project Leader, Industry 4.0 – DCIN/PJ-i4.0, Bosch Rexroth India Ltd- Shared German perspective on IOT/Industry 4.0 Col I S Gahlaut, CEO, Capital Goods Skill Council [CGSC- promoted by Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) & FICCI] delivered a presentation on Skills Set for Industry 4.0 in Indian Context and also emphasized on the importance of skills.

Mr Shivam Mittal, Senior Director Digital Supply Chain Solutions, SAP India Pvt Ltd-delivered a presentation on Leveraging Data for Decision Making in Manufacturing. Mr Sunil Mehta, General Manager, Automotive Business Development Department, Mitsubishi Electric India-shared a Japanese Factory perspective in the context of Industry 4.0. Mr Sandeep Shah, Managing Director, Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd- shared his experience and his success story on Utility Management & Asset Management.