Campaign to make one lakh seed-balls and bury them in the ground in Sanand, Gujarat

Ahmedabad, June 16, 2021

A unique program has been organized by Sanand-based voluntary organization Manav Seva Trust with the aim of inculcating the sanskar of environmental protection in the minds of children in the event of increasing pollution and global warming. With the help of youth, a plan has been made to make one lakh seedballs and plant them in the fallow land around Sanand. This campaign started by Manav Seva Trust will protect the environment and nature at a time when the environment is under threat of deadly effects on human society.

Manu Barot, trustee of Manav Seva Trust, says, “Today the problem of environment is getting worse… If in future man does not wake up to this alarm, then he will have to face the opposite consequences.” The Human Services Trust has launched a campaign to save the environment. We have taken an initiative to become environment protector by making one lakh seed balls..trees are everything for us..we will survive only if we have trees,it is also true…the next generation is also a partner in the campaign to save the environment. It takes time to build.”

Manubhai says that the practice of seedball on a large scale in other areas of Sanand is also being considered in the near future. The work of pouring earthen balls from the seeds of lemon, kanji, peltoform, gulmahor, acacia etc. in 1 lakh seed balls in acacia forest of Sanand municipal area is in progress. Nature has decreed that if the seed gets soil, heat and moisture, then it will automatically grow like a pipe growing out of fear. Even if a few seeds grow, this hard work will pay off.