1.25 lakh trees planted in 27 days in the world’s largest Miyawaki dense forest in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, June 16, 2021

The world’s largest artificial forest has been built on the coast of South Gujarat. The Japanese Miyawaki method has been used. About 1.5 lakh trees have been planted in this forest in just 27 days.

Millions of trees have been planted in this forest in a very short time, which has made the beach of a small village the center of artificial forest attraction. Nargol in Valsad has completed the construction of the world’s largest and most coastal forest using the Japanese Miyawaki method. More than 1 lakh 20 thousand trees have been planted here in just 27 days.

Environmentalists as well as tourists are seeing a major draw as a new feather has been added to the entire beach lineage, completing the beautiful forest formation using the Miyawaki method. Importantly, due to the zealous Sarpanch of village Kantilal Kotwal and the foresight of the Panchayat body, the freshwater ponds have been constructed at such a place where not a single spark was raised by the salt water except foreign acorns.

At this place, the lower part is filled with soil and the soil is leveled with fertile soil. And more than 60 types of trees have been planted by providing enough water for irrigation. RK Nair has struggled. Dr. who has created more than 58 forests in his life. RK Nair is popularly known as the “Green Hero of India”.

Miyawaki Forest was discovered 40 years ago by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. Hence this forest is known by his name as Miyawaki Forest. Shrubs are planted very near the forest made by this method. Plants planted by this method grow very fast.

With this method the trees grow in only 30 to 35 years. More trees grow in less space and grow faster. A total of 60 types of trees are being planted in this forest along with various medicinal trees. It can be said that this forest will be a treasure of time as well as a treasure.