Rupani government made paper toilets for corruption

Gandhinagar, 31 July 2021

Modasa MLA Rajendrasinh Thakor says that the government believes that toilets are in everyone’s house. In Kawasa village of Modasa taluka, a scam has been done by making bricks of paper cartons and pasting chemicals on them to make toilets. There is no toilet there today.

The government says that before 2014, women had to spend the whole night to go to the toilet. Tonight still has to wait for it to happen. The situation hasn’t changed.

The toilets that have been built stand like decorative knots in front of the house. Today not a single toilet is in use.

In Aravalli district, the target of toilets in the basic taluka was 15160 against which construction of 8547 toilets has been completed. The construction of 1458 toilets has been completed against the World Bank’s target of 3265. In this way 50 percent toilets are built. Contractors are building toilets. The toilet has to make a 10 percent public contribution.

According to estimates, many villages are not able to take advantage of this scheme due to non-completion of work at a cost of Rs. If the amount is increased, then the benefit can be taken.
The question was raised in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly that

Shut down agencies working in toilets. Give grants for the construction of individual toilets.

This is the administration of corrupt BJP government.