Congress again stood with the citizens of Gujarat in recession, inflation and epidemic

Gandhinagar, 5 July 2021

Lakhs of poor-normal-middle class people of Gujarat have died due to recession, inflation and pandemic. Congress party will agitate to give voice to the plight of citizens and families. The Jan Chetna Abhiyan will run for 11 days from July 7 to July 17.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Chavda said that due to the clumsy and wrong policies of the government in the difficult times of the corona pandemic, lakhs of people died, businesses got ruined and people were financially ruined.

People are suffering from pandemic recession and floods.

The BJP government is busy with big festivals and political agenda. Petrol-diesel has reached 100 in the era of inflation. The gas cylinder has reached 850. The oil has reached Rs 2,500 per can. People are financially ruined.

The cost of a bottle of LPG was 410 in 2014 under the Congress-led UPA government. Today it has doubled to 834 in 7 years of Modi’s rule.

Pulses in 2014 were Rs 60-70 per kg. Today it has reached Rs 140 to 180 per kg.

Petrol was Rs 64 per liter in 2014, which has increased to Rs 100 per liter today. Petrol and diesel prices have increased 15 times in June alone. Prices have increased 57 times in 6 months. 

The government is looting in the name of petrol and diesel. In 2014-15, taxes were Rs 2.56 lakh crore. The BJP government has reached Rs 5.25 lakh crore.

Income tax, wealth, corporate tax from the rich was more than revenue till 2014. Now in the name of surplus under BJP rule, the prices of petrol and diesel are being looted.

People will be contacted from 7 to 17 July in the Jan Chetna Abhiyan. Rallies – events will be organized. There will be cycle tours. A signature campaign will also be launched at petrol pumps to reverse the hike.