If scientists are successful, chamomile tea gardens can be made in Gujarat


Unlike Assam, tea is not grown in Gujarat. But a tea is now becoming popular which can be grown in the fields of Gujarat. Everyone likes to drink tea or something like that in the morning. They have not been researched by agronomists from Gujarat, but a year-round annual chamomile tea plantation in northern Gujarat and Kutch would be possible if agronomists from Rajasthan are successful in growing them in Rajasthan.

Chamomile tea is like the tea of ​​Assam, PV is liked by all. It can be refreshed by taking light intoxication for a few hours. Can give vitality and energy. Keeps the body healthy. What Assam tea cannot do. Black tea leaves are boiled Chamomile tea is boiled and drunk as tea. Although tea is not grown in Gujarat, the flower grows in large quantities in colder regions, so there has been a tendency to order and drink it.

Chamomile tea does the same thing that black tea can do for a while. But the biggest advantage of chamomile is that it is beneficial in gastrointestinal diseases. Which is called chamomile in Hindi. Originally it is from Europe.

Rajasthan Institute of Agricultural Sciences has started its experiments. It is a one year crop. Its plants have 10 to 30 mm yellow flowers. Its flower contains volatile oil. Tea is made from its dried flowers.

Its aroma is slightly sweet. Used to make Ayurvedic herbs. It can be grown at a temperature ranging from 2 to 20 degrees.

The production of its fresh flowers is 3500 to 4 thousand kg per hectare. The product is obtained depending on the temperature.

Digestive capacity can be increased by drinking chamomile tea. Improves gastro, diarrhoea, acidity, ulcers, constipation. Helps to control sugar. Helps in viral diseases, cold, fever

Chamomile tea helps reduce stress. Improves health and gives peace of mind. Gives vitality to the body. Reduces insomnia. Can be drunk at night before sleeping.

Gives calmness by reducing inflammation of the body. Removes toxins from inside the body. Removes harmful substances from the body.

Cataract, kidney disease, conjunctivitis, diabetes, liver, stomach, kidney, bladder, cough, sore throat, convulsions, bloating, gallbladder diseases, intestinal diseases,

Menstruation in women can provide relief from migraine and headache. Good for kids with allergies.

Used in creams, lotions and other cosmetic products. Makes hair nice, shiny and fair. Prevents hair fall. Chamomile soup, boiled, boiled in the body. Cleanses the pores of the body, keeps it young.