Corona blast – India 10th in the world

Leaving Iran behind, India is now one of the top coronated countries in the world. The rate of coronary heart disease in India has now become alarming. India ranks tenth in the list of countries with the highest number of coro patients in the world. India now has 138,536 positive Coro cases, behind Iran. At the same time, there are 135,701 Koro patients in Iran. If the test is increased in India, it may come in the first 5 directions according to the population.

More than 6767 new cases have been reported in the country every day for the last four days, with the fastest pace on Saturday. If this momentum continues, the total number of cases will cross 1.50 lakh in a few days.

As of Saturday, there were 1,35,701 cases in Iran. If the cases continue to escalate like this, in four to five days, India will overtake Turkey and reach the ninth position in the world. An average of one thousand new cases are being seen in Turkey these days.

Uttar Pradesh: A total of 6081 people have been found in the affected state so far in the last 24 hours, 262 infected patients. Thus far 6081 cases of corona have been found to be positive. 3473 have been discharged and returned home.

Andhra Pradesh has 56 deaths.

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 114 people have died so far, with more than 3,000 cases. In which 114 patients have died.

Maharashtra: A maximum of 3041 cases have been reported in a single day. The total number of corona infections in Maharashtra on Sunday has crossed 50,000.

In Rajasthan, the number of infected cores has risen to 6,894 with 152 new cases.

In Jharkhand, 16 new corona patients were found on Sunday in the newly infected states.

The number of infected people in Bihar has crossed 2500 and 13 have died.