The people of Gujarat were robbed in masks, Adani was allowed to robe by the Rupani govt

Gandhinagar, 7 June 2021

Police in Ahmedabad city arrested 4 lakh people in a year from March 23, 2020 to March 23, 2021 and imposed a fine of Rs 34 crore on them. Adani was also allotted lakhs of hectares of land by former Chief Minister Narendra Modi, its stamp duty is yet to come. If these accounts are added, then this amount can increase from Rs 1400 crore to Rs 6,000 crore.

Advocate Jamini Patel said that till June 7, 2021, the Gujarat government has not filed an affidavit in the High Court.

Stamp duty pending at Mundra Port

Filed a suit in the Gujarat High Court in 2017 alleging that Asia’s top industrialist Gautam Adani

had not paid a stamp duty of Rs 1,400 crore for Mundra port to the Gujarat government. But in the last financial year, Rupani has harassed people and collected Rs 350 crore from all over Gujarat through Corona Fine and has been subjected to heavy torture by the police. Corrupt BJP leaders could not issue a single notice to Adani for paying Rs 1,400 crore against him.

Amount outstanding since 2007

Gautam Adani has not paid stamp duty from 2007 to 2017. Earlier, Gautam Adani was ordered by the plaintiff to clear the dues. Since 2017, the BJP government has not given any affidavit on this issue. The government of BJP’s puppet Vijay Rupani is facing serious questions. In 2017, the Rupani government had to give an affidavit, which was not filed. No action has been taken by the corrupt BJP government in this direction.

Lawyer Jamie Patel’s fight

old pics of jemini patel pis cort-just dial
old pics of Jemini Patel pis cort-just dial

The PIL is being represented by lawyer Jamie Ben Patel. Petitioner Sanjay Bapat had filed the application in 2017. The SEZ Act makes it clear that taxes have to be paid.

Billions of rupees have been donated from the people of the country and abroad in the name of the Reserve Bank of India, private market, CM, and PM Care Fund. But Modi and Rupani’s favorite businessman Gautam Adani has failed to collect stamp duty.

The port did not remain closed despite the lockdown

Many ports in Mumbai, Gujarat, and the country remained closed during the lockdown. Even after this Adani’s Mundra port in Kutch was not closed even for a day. Due to which record loading-unloading is being done at Adani Port. There was a big income. Gautam Adani has got a chance to give it only through the mercy of the government. An FIR has also been registered against an RTI activist, who complained that the Adani port was operating under lockdown.

The condition of small and medium traders has worsened in the lockdown. In such a situation, crores of rupees have been taken as a penalty. But this government has done the work of giving money to its favorite businessman with four hands.

In the 1980s, jeans trader Gautam Adani is now the ‘infrastructure king’. From 1988 to 2019, Adani’s net worth reached s.11.5 billion. But they do not pay Rs 7,000 crore to the Gujarat government. (Translated from Gujarati)

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