Declaring Congress a failure, Paresh Dhanani axed in PAAS’s back


Gandhinagar, 7 February 2021

Everything has changed in five years. The Patidar Reservation Movement Committee-PAAS played a key role in winning the Congress in rural and urban areas in the 2016 local body elections. Congress no longer needs PAAS in 2021. Time has changed. The politics of Gujarat Congress is known for stabbing the back. There has been a lot of resentment over the statements made by the Congress to the Patidars. Congress has demanded apology and disciplinary action to withdraw the words used for the Patidars and PAAS. PAAS met in Surat at night. In which 12 candidates are expected to withdraw the form. What other candidates will join it? Attempts have been made to reach a compromise between Congress and PAAS.

The leader went back

Congress had promised 10 tickets to the leaders of PAAS. 3 tickets allotted.  PAAS leaders spoke to Hardik Patel and several Congress leaders. Of these, only Malaviya was given a ticket. The Congress broke its promise. Malaviya decided not to fill the form which was not given to him accordingly. Hardik Patel said that the party should give tickets to good and strong people. But the party did not do so. Now Congress can lose 50 metropolitan seats in Gujarat due to PAAS. Paresh Dhanani and Bharat Solanki should take responsibility for this.

PAAS leaders Dharmik Malaviya and Alpesh Kathiriya have appeared before the Congress. The Congress did not give tickets to the other two PAAS candidates, giving tickets to Malaviya. No reason was given by the party for not giving tickets. In Gujarat, tickets are being traded for money at several places. On the last day of filing the papers in Surat, there was an uproar in the Congress at the last minute. The BJP or the Aam Aadmi Party will directly benefit from the split of the Surat Congress.

Controversy of statement

The Congress spokesperson’s statement yesterday on the Patidars has angered the society against the Congress. The leaders of Surat demand that the Congress officially use the words “Patidars” and “PAAS” to withdraw it. And apologize to the society. This demand is happening. I have come across the issue of sat on the night. Alpesh Kathiria said of Congress leader Jayaraj Singh that when Jayaraj Singh does not get a ticket, he sits in the media to cry. Jayaraj Singh has come to this Varachha Road and shown a meeting. Jayaraj Singh has returned to the Congress after the revolt in assembly election 2017.

12 candidates can withdraw the form

There has been a revolt against the Congress and the fight has gone ahead. The PAAS meeting was held late last night in Surat. Congress candidates were also present in the meeting. There are 12 candidates ready to withdraw the form. PAAS will meet again to withdraw some candidates’ forms. A final decision will be taken on withdrawal of the form in the meeting. Patidar has come in front of Congress. Surat PAAS activists are in the mood to not give priority to Congress in elections.

Whose is cut ticket?

Former BJP leader, former Congress president and former corporator Ashok Jeera played a key role in cutting the ticket for Vilasben Sanjaybhai Dhorjia. Paresh Dhanani had instructed Sonalben to give him a ticket to Ghazipara. The ticket holder of Vijay Pansaria is Dinesh Sanwaliya. Only Tushar Chaudhary and Nilesh Kumbhani are in the fall of the Congress. Therefore, the Patidar society is in the election war of the Congress.

Due to PAAS, Congress got 22 seats

The Congress won 22 of the 28 seats in 7 wards in and around Varachha in 2016 election. His credit goes to PAAS. Because in Surat, the Congress barely got 36 seats. Now that he is not with PAAS and BJP state president CR Patil is from Surat, he will sweep the Congress. In 2011, Congress got only 1 seat. Patil can clean the Congress this time. The Responsible will be Congress President Amit Chavda, Bharat Solanki, CLP, Paresh Dhanani.

View the meeting in full

PAAS Dharmik Malaviya, Alpesh Kathiriyane said, “We have shown our strength to the BJP.” That same power won the Congress. Now the Congress will show strength. In Surat, no Congress leader except Hardik Patel has been challenged to rally in Varachha. Alpesh Kathiria has made it clear that any Congress leader should be seen by holding a meeting in Varachha region, we will see.

Who cut?

Incumbent councilor Vijay Pansaria from PAAS, Vilasben Sanjaybhai Dhorjia was to be ticketed. Those who are fighting the case for the Patidars in the Patidar Anamat movement. It was decided to give ticket to advocate Sanjaybhai Dhorjia’s wife. But cut it.

Paresh Dhanani’s politics

The motive behind this was that if these 3 were given tickets, then former PAAS leader Hardik Patel in the Congress would become stronger. PAAS will grow stronger. Which was not acceptable to Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani. So he cut the ticket and gave it to his friend. The second ticketing game was played by Bharat Solanki. Therefore, these two leaders were declared traitors by the PAAS.

Hardik becomes strong

Had Hardik Patel’s cadre been in Surat, Paresh Dhanani’s importance would have diminished. So he cut the ticket and his match was done in his name. Dhanani promised 10 tickets to Alpesh Kathiria and kept them in the dark and changed candidates overnight.


Sonal Ben is in charge of Surat. Mended givenwas at the behest of Paresh Dhanani. Both the leaders went missing yesterday. Paresh Dhanani, who betrayed the ticket for the last minute, stopped picking up the phones of PAAS leaders. Now they will try our best to defeat the Congress. Congress leader Hardik and Malivia have been stabbed in the back, betrayed. The Congress has axed at its feet. The Congress has lost even before the municipal elections.

Not in 2021 but in 2022

Malaviya has revealed that the power of PAAS and Hardik is the same as it was in 2015 and 2017 and today is the same in 2021. Hardik will also have strength in 2022 and 2024. We are going to make efforts to withdraw the form of 15 candidates in Surat.

The Congress was taking advantage of our name. Now it will be of no use.

Only two tickets were asked, in which politics is done with me. I have been cheated I will do politics on my breath and strength.

Another will also withdraw the form

Alpesh Kathiria revealed that the ward panel had demanded. If there was no panel, there would be no point in contesting elections. Hence the form was not filled. We have candidates in 6 wards. We are going to try to withdraw that form. Patidar will withdraw the form.

PAAS has organization against the system. Not for the Congress.

Congress gets used to it

PAAS has nothing to do with any party. It is a question of self-respect. Every political party is using youth. Will decide the strategy. BJP has seen our strength, now Congress will see our strength. Congress used PAAS when the need was felt. Now throwing it away. But now Congress will see that our strength is still there. The Congress will now see what the youth of Gujarat can do. BJP has measured our strength. We will now show our strength to the Congress.

Fort will fall

Ward number 3 Varachha-Sarthana-Seemada in Surat Municipal Corporation is the stronghold of the Patidars. It will be difficult for the Congress to win there now. The BJP or AAP as B team that will help PAAS. There is strong evidence that Congress does not want power. Bharat Solanki and Paresh Dhanani are playing the game. In this, Congress President Amit Chavda himself has become a puppet of Bharat Solanki. The gang is still working to dismantle the Congress even after losing in 2012, 2017 Assembly and Lok Sabha.

Who is Dharmik ?

The crime of throwing ink on the posters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM and Deputy CM in Modi’s Ekta Yatra in Sarthana, Surat was registered against PAAS convenor Dharmik Malviya and PAAS convenors in 2018. Dharmik Malaviya, Yogesh Kumbhani, Akash Vatalia, Moolik Naseet, Mahendra Baldha and Tushar Kachhadia were arrested.

One helped, draw another

Two Amreli MLAs reached Varachha police station after the arrest of Dharmik Malaviya. Lathi-Babra MLA Virji Thummar revealed that efforts are being made to suppress the Patidar youth. The Patidars are children of the Sardar. The government did not withdraw the case against the Patidars. While Amreli MLA Veerji Thummar helped, Paresh Dhanani, another Amreli MLA, betrayed PAAS. (translated from Gujarati)