Dholera airport could not be built in 15 years, once again postponed till 2026

Dilip Patel
Gandhinagar, 7 June 2023
Gujarat Industries Minister Balwant Rajput once again said in the meeting of the Standing Consultative Committee of MPs and MLAs in Gandhinagar on June 6, 2023, that the work of Dholera airport, which has become an example in the infrastructural development of the state, will be completed in the next year 2026. For which the operation is going on on a war footing. But, like the previous Industries Minister, the government is once again spreading lies. It was signed in 2019 for Rajkot’s International Hirasar Airport. Whose work started in 2020 and it is to be inaugurated in July 2023.

If Rajkot airport which is very close to Dholera is ready in two and a half years then why 20 years for Dholera? People are asking that question to the government of Modi and Bhupendra Patel.

Rajput said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the development journey of Gujarat. However, the world’s first Dholera Smart City and Dholera Airport have not been developed.

Since 2007, such announcements are made twice a year. However, Dholera does not have an airport. It was first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2007. Actually in 3 years it should have been completed in 2010. It has been 15 or 16 years, but the airport has not happened, now another 3 or 4 years have been given. The announcement of the Industries Minister states that the airport will be ready in 20 years. The BJP government itself is saying this.

This was said in the presence of Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi, Jagdish Vishwakarma and Minister of State Kunvarji Halapati. MP Bharat Dabhi and MLA Survey Aniket Thakar, Mukesh Patel, Bhagwan Detharia, Bhagwan Kargatiya, Kanaiyalal Kishori, Chaitanya Jhala, Imran Khedawala were present in this meeting. Additional Chief Secretary Industries Department S. J. Haider, Additional Principal Secretary, Labour, Skill & Employment Department Anju Sharma, Secretary Tourism & Civil Aviation Harit Shukla, MD, GIDC. Rahul Gupta, Cottage and Village Industries Secretary P.K. Solanki, Industries Commissioner Sandeep Sangle, Director Civil Aviation Nitin Sangwan and other senior officials were present in the meeting. But he did not say a word about the failure of Dholera.

Full stop on Dholera project with Adani multi model logistic park project at Sanand

Announced in 2007
In 2007, the Government of Gujarat announced the construction of an airport at Dhorela to replace the Ahmedabad airport. In 2012, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi once again dreamed of Dholera. Taking Dholera forward, he became Prime Minister from Chief Minister. Even though he has completed 10 years as the Prime Minister, the airport is only on paper.

100 kms from Ahmedabad. The BJP government of Gujarat has been talking about building an airport in Dholera on the land of Saurashtra away from it for 15 years. It has been decided to rename Dholera Airport as ‘New Ahmedabad Airport’.

Water only water

There was heavy flood in 2019. There was water till November 2019. Despite the end of monsoon, there was water all around the airport. Where the plane cannot land.

It seems that false promises were made to fool the people of Gujarat.

Instead of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad airport was to be replaced by Dholera. Ahmedabad Airport was built in 1937. Now it has been given to Adani. In 2019, 10 million passengers and 10 million tonnes of goods reached here by 65 thousand flights. In 2025-26, there will be a capacity of 1.80 crore passengers. There is no option to expand, nor the land. Hence it was decided to develop a new airport at Dholera. But now, because Modi’s friend Adani owns Ahmedabad airport, if Dholera airport is built, Adani will suffer a big loss. That’s why even the officials do not want an airport to be built in Dholera. But there is an announcement twice a year for the construction of Dholera airport to sell the lands of BJP leaders.

Air castle
In 2009, the Government of Gujarat announced that an airport would be built on 1426 hectares in Dholera. On 2 December 2010, in a cabinet meeting of Narendra Modi, the Gujarat government decided that the company would implement a public-private partnership airport scheme for the construction of the Dholera International Airport with a share capital of Rs 200 crore. There was an ambitious plan to develop the international airport as a greenfield airport, for which the Union Ministry of Defense had given a no-objection certificate.

It is a joint venture with the government and the Airports Authority of India (AAI). The airport was expected to be operational by 2019. In 2022, planes were to fly from the new airport. But paper planes are flying.

With Modi becoming the Prime Minister, all the approvals overnight..

Earlier it was to be built near Fedra village, then it was decided to build it at Navagam. Two runways were fixed. One runway was to be 2910 meters long and the other 4000 meters (four kilometers) long. Soon after becoming the Prime Minister, the Modi government got the approval of a plan of Rs 2100 crores in the year 2014 from the Ministry of Defense, Civil Aviation and Environment in 2015. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has given site clearance. But in 2019, the atmosphere became so bad that despite the end of the monsoon, the place of Dholera airport was flooded.

In 2016, the aviation minister of the BJP government, Ashok Gajapati, told Vijay Rupani that the airport would be ready in 2024–25. 50 percent of the traffic of Ahmedabad airport will be at Dholera airport.

There is still no land for the Dholera airport. Fedara International Airport at Dholera in 2009

No airplane arrived today, 10 years after the announcement, but ST bus routes have been closed in 40 villages around Dholera.

Capital investment of one lakh crore did not happen in 8 years.

Dhalera is in 920 sq km. Eight lakh people will get employment and 20 lakh people will be provided housing in the city. The BJP government has been making such a claim since 2009. MoU for investment of one lakh crore in Dholera. 2010 done. Till 2018, private investment of one thousand crore has not happened.

Dholera International Airport Company Limited is functioning at Udyog Bhavan in Gandhinagar. The Delhi Mumbai Corridor Development Corporation Limited is 49 per cent owned by the central government and 51 per cent by the Gujarat government.

Modi’s lies in Maharashtra and Gujarat, Dholera and Auric City

Will the airport be built or not?

The feasibility report to prepare the airport has come negative. The land in Navagam and Karna villages where the airport is proposed to be built is basically marine and shallow and to prepare the base for the airport, 150 feet of land will have to be excavated and a new foundation made of stone. As a result, the airport plans are likely to remain in limbo. That’s why they could not get any approval for 10 years.