Dial 100 for blood, Ahmedabad police will provide

Ahmedabad, 10 March 2020

Ahmedabad Police will now provide blood to the caller at number 100 immediately. If anyone needs a blood, he will call the number 100 and he will get the blood immediately. The arrangement has been made by Paldi, a blood bank of Ahmedabad Police and Red Cross Society. Ahmedabad Police has announced this on 11 March 2020.

How the 100 number works
Whenever a person is calling 100 number in Gujarat or anywhere in India, a phone number can be found in the control room of the nearest 100 number depending on the mobile phone network. The Ahmedabad control room has 8 to 10 telephones where the police staff lodges a complaint for 24 hours and sends it to the control room officer. It is reported to the police station who has a complaint in the area.

Will the police arrive in 12 minutes?
On June 16, 2016, Ahmedabad police ordered that a phone call from 100 number should be taken within 12 minutes if the incident could not be reached at the site, then a fine or negligence amounting to 500 to 1000 should be investigated and action should be taken. Even today, after any accident or incident, the police arrive after 12 minutes. Status reports do not provide. In Ahmedabad, in 2016, there were 500-600 phones in the control room with 100 emergency phones. Comes around 900 in 2020.

PCR Vans
The control room sends a direct message to the PCR van near the scene (police control room van). The deputy in the PCR van is a criminal or a liability.

On January 12, 2020, the Department of the Interior announced that cybercrime complaints would be possible at number 100.

Women’s taxi PCR van
World Woman Din announced on Twitter on March 9, 2019 that if a vehicle is not found in Ahmedabad late at night, dialing 100 number will put the woman in the PCR van till her home.

The identity of the complainant at number 100 is not confidential
As per the legal provisions, the identity of the complainant has to be kept confidential. Identifies the culprits for the person who helped maintain the law system. Complaint of liquor gambling addiction number 100 is made known to the liquor owner by leaking from the police control room and reaching the culprits. The complainant is threatened.

Helpline number
108 Medical treatments for emergency ambulances and care vans

101 Fire Brigade
A fire bug can be called immediately by calling this number on a fire accident anywhere in India.
102 Ambience
An ambulance can be called to assist a patient anywhere in India using this number.
104 Medical Helpline
Calling on this weak can help in any state of India in medical or health related matters.
1071 Air Accident
Assistance can be obtained by calling this number when the plane crashes.
1073 Road accident
This number can be called for assistance in case of road accident anywhere in India.
1096 Natural Disasters
Assistance can be obtained by calling this number whenever there is a natural disaster in India.
139 Railway Inquiry
Passengers can get notification by calling this number to find reservation details, train PNR or train status related to Indian Railways.
181 Women’s Helpline
Assistance can be obtained by calling this number if there is a woman harassing or threatening any kind in India.
155333 Electricity Complaint
This number can be used to know any problem or instruction connected to electricity.
95401, 61344 Air Ambulance
Call this number to take a patient on a commercial airline, chartered plane or helicopter under the eyes of qualified doctors and paramedics.
1717 season information
A call can be made to this season for weather information in India.
1800-111-139 (IRCTC)
Complaints regarding passenger rail catering or pantry service can be made at this number. (Translation from report prepared in Gujarati, see this website to know more details)