Drone spraying nano urea, 5 lakh laborers will unemployed in Gujarat

Drone spraying nano urea in the field, 40 percent cost will be saved, 5 lakh laborers will be unemployed

Gandhinagar, 7 August 2022
For the first time in entire Gujarat, nano urea spraying has been started in the field by drone. The drug can be sprayed with 25 liters of water in 1 hectare in 20 minutes. Farmers can reduce the cost by up to 40 percent by making maximum use of fertilizers and pesticides. In which up to 90% of the chemical can be used effectively. 35 drones have been brought by IFFCO to the state of Gujarat.

A drone does the work of 800 laborers in front of a spray of medicine.

Out of 90 lakh hectares of Gujarat’s land, if 50 lakh hectares are cultivated for spraying medicine or urea, then it will lead to loss of employment of 5 lakh laborers out of 40 lakh farm laborers engaged in applying medicine or fertilizers.

After the arrival of tractors, now instead of 70 lakh bulls, 18 lakh bulls are working in agriculture. 50 lakh bulls were reduced. With the advent of tractors, the livelihood of 20 lakh agricultural laborers has changed. With the advent of new irrigation equipment, 10 lakh laborers have lost their jobs. 1 million farm workers have been displaced by the advent of the small automated equipment – ​​the thresher.

When tractors, small automatic devices, drones are followed by robots, 51 lakh agricultural laborers will become unemployed in Gujarat.

4.70 lakh laborers got employment under MNREGA scheme.

In 2001, there were 6 lakh farms of half a hectare, which has increased to 12 lakh after 10 years. Today in 20 years it has become 18 lakhs. There are 40 lakh farms on 2 hectares of land. There are 20 lakh farmers who are working as laborers on 3 bighas of land. 17 lakh agricultural laborers have increased.

subsidy 100%

Krishi Vimana means drone. Kisan Vimana means drone. The government will bear all the cost of spraying nano urea in the area through drones. Use of nano urea will reduce the import and subsidy of chemical fertilizers. Expenses will be less. Spraying will also save water. Time energy, environmental protection, diesel, water, electricity saving and labor cost will also be saved. A farmer will be given Rs 2500 within the limit of five sprays.

will escape death

Thousands of farm laborers will be saved from snake venom and pesticide venom in the field. Adverse effects on health from inhalation of pesticides will be prevented. In the country, 50 thousand farmers die due to snakebite due to agricultural work. It will stop. It can be estimated that 4 to 5 thousand deaths occurred in Gujarat.

work for company

Dr. Shankar Goenka, Sheetal Agarwal and P.R. Kankaria has been given.

nano urea
IFFCO Nano is the first company in the world to research urea. IFFCO researchers have made nano urea through experiments. Farmers will be able to do nano urea work faster through drones.

A bag of urea fertilizer is given for Rs 268. For which the central government gives a subsidy of Rs 3700. A 500 ml bottle of Nano Urea is available for Rs 240. Instead of urea of ​​4000, nano urea of ​​240 is used.
After 6 seasons and 11 thousand trials on 94 crops in India, the government has approved Nano Urea for field use. Nano has so far produced more than 50 lakh bottles of urea. One lakh bottles of Nano Urea are produced per day. In a short span of time, liquid nano urea has emerged as a powerful alternative to conventional urea. IFFCO has found in its study that spraying nano urea from drones is more effective on crops. This will have a positive impact on productivity.

Clusters of 1500 acres of 2 or 3 villages will be formed. 90 percent assistance. Crop protection chemicals, nano urea, FCO approved liquid and organic fertilizers can be sprayed in 1.40 lakh acres. Up to 5 acres can be sprayed 5 times in a financial year.

Agriculture Director S.J. Solanki said that the state government has made a provision of Rs 35 crore in the budget for the use of drone technology. In which 1.40 lakh acres of agriculture will be created and a list of names of farmers will be prepared by forming a group of villages. The evaluation report will be prepared by IFFCO by spraying nano urea in its fields through drones.

Individual farmers will have to apply online on the i portal. Chief Minister of Isanpur Mota village Bhupendra Patel Maheshbhai R. A demonstration of nano urea spraying was observed in Patel’s field.


Gujarat has claimed that this work has been done for the first time. But Dharmapuri Co-operative Sugar Mill in Tamil Nadu did drone farming for fertilizer spraying on 2nd August 2022. Dharmapuri: Workshop on use of growth regulators, aerial spraying of fertilizers and pesticides in sugarcane fields by drones for farmers was organized by Dharmapuri Sugar Mill in Palkode. Steps were taken to encourage The use of drones and aerial spraying were demonstrated in Palkod. Drones are used to spray liquid urea and potash from the air. The supplement descends on the leaves. The dosage is also reduced by more than half.


Bhavnagar first in 2021
On October 1, 2021, a practical field trial of nano liquid urea drone spraying was conducted in Bhavnagar, Gujarat in the presence of Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers and Health and Family Welfare Mansukh Mandaviya. Drone spraying of liquid nano urea was demonstrated by IFFCO.

Robots will replace farmers, 51 lakh agricultural laborers of Gujarat will become unemployed
10 lakh agricultural laborers will become unemployed in Gujarat because small machines have started growing at the time of harvesting.
2.50 lakh children work as laborers, the highest is in agriculture.