People should practice social distancing and wear masks in their day to day life to save themselves from the menace of COVID-19

Gandhinagar, 08 May, 2020

Director General of Police Mr. Shivanand Jha urged people to change their lifestyle in order to prevent the transmission of Corona virus. Masks and social distancing should be incorporated as a part of daily life.

Briefing on the strict implementation of lockdown, Mr. Jha said that the Rajasthan Government has sealed the inter-state borders and only those with permission from concerned district collector or Home Department are allowed to enter. He made an appeal to the Rajasthan migrants to stay where they are.

Depending upon zones, partial relaxations have been given in orange and green zones but containment areas and red zones continue to be under strict lockdown. It is mandatory for the citizens to follow the guidelines issued by the State Government or they may be liable to strict actions.

Regarding the violation of the lockdown in public places, the place has taken strict action on violators based on the complaints received on police helpline number 100 of areas where social distancing is not being followed. 72 such complaints were raised yesterday.

People who are in contact with corona infected persons are more likely to become super spreaders. Hence, it is necessary that home quarantined people do not step out or they may face strict actions. Citizens shall report to the police if home quarantined people are found stepping out of their houses.

Police are constantly keeping a vigilant eye on the supply of prohibited items if any such case comes into notice, strict action will be taken. A case has been registered in Rajkot yesterday for the smuggling of pan masala in milk cans. The police are ensuring that permit of essential services is not misused. Similarly, for inter-district movement, an authorized pass or permit is required. Two people have also been caught with fake passes at Lathi in Amreli district yesterday while they were trying to enter the district.

Corona had affected 67 police officers who have recovered now and as a precautionary measure, 601 personnel who came in their contact were home quarantined. They have completed their quarantine period and are completely healthy.

Throwing light on the significant use of drones and CCTV during the lockdown, Mr. Jha said that, the cities and towns are being thoroughly observed through drone surveillance. 191 crimes have been registered through drones. A total of 21856 people have been arrested for 11703 offenses to date. Meanwhile, under the Smart City and VISWAS project, 87 individuals have been arrested for 78 crimes reported through the CCTV network tallying up to 3908 individuals for 2778 crimes. Additionally, 19 crimes have been registered so far and 18 people have been arrested through CCTV’s in residential societies.

Similarly, for spreading fake messages and rumors through social media, so far 701 crimes have been registered and 1441 accused have been arrested. 16 accounts have been blocked. 193 and 40 offenses have been registered, respectively, through videography and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). 995 offenses have been registered so far with mounted cameras special ‘Prahari’ Van.

Cases that have been registered so far include 2164 of the violation of lockdown, 768 against those violating quarantine, and 579 other cases. 6209 vehicles have been seized in the state, added Mr. Jha. Police have released 2,00,375 detained vehicles so far.