Compost from used tea leaves for flowering plants in the terrace garden

Gandhinagar, 31 January 2021

Good quality compost can be made at home for free. Tea is made in every household in Gujarat. Tea leaves are also used in hotels, restaurants, tea kettles. Which is often thrown into the trash. The tea  leaves is mostly decomposed well. Some farmers have started reusing leaves to Make Compost.

In Gujarat, if 1000 grams of tea leaf is used per person per year, if 6 to 7 crore kg is collected, the best manure can be prepared. Officials of the Gandhinagar Krishi Bhavan say that instead of throwing tea, its manure contains the best nutrients for the home garden.

Naveen Wadaliya said, who lives in Ahmedabad, is using tea leaves as fertilizer instead of cultivating roof gardens. Tea leaves are used to make nutritious manure for plants. Tea leaf can increase the greenery of the house manifold.

Sweepers can become a large industry by collecting tea leaves from hotels, tea shops.

Contains 4% nitrogen, minerals, potassium, phosphorus, several micronutrients. Tea leaves grow beneficial microorganisms. Tea leaves contain antioxidants.

Compost can be made by mixing tea leaves with wet waste. Tea is an easy way to make leaf manure. It contains ginger, basil, cardamom, herbs to make intoxicating tea. It contains milk and sugar. It is kept in a small perforated earthen pot and is protected from direct sunlight. It will start rotting on its own.

After two months, it will develop a fungus on the white layer. Tea leaves start to form from this. Compost is ready in two to three months. It can be dried in the sun and then mixed with soil on the roof of the farm or house. Once a pot is full, a tea leaf is placed in the other vessel.

Compost can be prepared in 20 days by mixing leaves of other trees. Many organizations are working to make organic manure from used tea leaves. Flowers like rose, jasmine, marigold etc. are beautiful and long lasting with organic fertilizer. Tea leaves contain many elements that are very beneficial for plants. Tea is sold by making natural compost packets.