In 2015, the BJP won fewer seats in 6 MC due to the Patidar agitation

In 2015, the BJP won fewer seats in 6 municipal corporations due to the Patidar agitation

20 July 2022, Ahmedabad

According to the results of the six municipal elections of 2015, the BJP won 388 seats, while the Congress won 175 seats due to the influence of the Patidar movement. 2022 has come but instead of improving Congress is repeating the same mistake. By doing this, Congress leaders are helping BJP to come to power. They Prefer OBC, SC, ST Card. Madhav Singh’s Kham principle is still applicable to keep Congress out of power for 32 years. A dozen Congress leaders are responsible for this. Even after the death of Ahmed Patel, the Congress is not ready for reforms.

Ahmedabad 2015 Result

In 2015, amidst the growing influence of the Patidar reservation movement, the BJP had won 148 out of 192 seats. Whereas Congress could get only 48 seats. In Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, BJP has been winning continuously since 2005. Whereas Congress could not get more than 48 seats after 2005.

Surat 2015 Result

In which the BJP had to be satisfied with only 89 seats due to the Patidar reservation agitation in 2015. Whereas Congress got 37 seats.

Vadodara Result 2015

Looking at the results of 2015 elections, BJP had 58 seats. Whereas Congress had only 13 seats. While the other party RSP had 4 seats.

Rajkot 2015 Result

Talking about Rajkot Municipal Corporation Election Result 2015, BJP has won 38 seats in Rajkot Municipal Corporation, while Congress has got 34 seats. In which due to the effect of Patidar movement, there was a clash between BJP and Congress in Rajkot Municipality.

Bhavnagar 2015 Result

Talking about the 2015 election results in Bhavnagar, BJP had won 34 seats and Congress 18.

Jamnagar 2015 Result

Talking about Jamnagar Municipal Corporation, there are 48 seats in 16 wards. In which BJP got a total of 48 seats out of 48 in the 2015 elections. While the Congress got a total of 16 seats.