Farmers in trouble due to lack of sowing in 5 to 6 thousand villages of 80 talukas

Gandhinagar, 14 July 2021

Monsoon officially started in Gujarat on 15th June and today after a month, it is on 14th July 2021, Yet, barely 50 per cent of the area has been sown. Farmers could not sow in 50 percent of the fields. There are 27 talukas that have received two inches of rain where farmers are in trouble. In 5500 to 6 thousand villages of 80-85 talukas, 1.75 crore to 2 crore people are dependent on agriculture, where there is no crop in the field.

Castor cultivation will increase

Out of 85 lakh hectare, sowing has been done in 46 lakh hectare. So far 44 lakh hectares have not been sown. Farmers will no longer be able to grow groundnut or cotton, they will have to grow only cereals or pulses. Groundnut shows less cultivation in 10 percent of the area and cotton in 25 percent of the area. Now Tuvar, Maga, Math, Adad, Pulses, Castor will be cultivated. The castor crop is grown in 6.35 lakh hectares, this time due to less rain it can reach to 7.50 lakh hectares, if the last rains are good.

Bad condition poor people in Dahod

The condition of Dahod, a poor district of Gujarat, is very bad. Sowing has been done in barely half the villages of two taluks out of nine taluks in the hilly region. Sowing could not be done in 7 taluks. Where it has rained 2 inches in a month.

Rain in july 13

There are only 4 talukas where there was more than two inches of rain yesterday on July 13. There are only 10 talukas that have received 1 inch of rain. There is no Sarsad in the remaining 145 taluks.

Good and little rain

Surat, Navsari, Valsad, Dang, Bhavnagar, Botad are the districts with the best rainfall. Sowing has been done in all the tehsils.

Gujarat has received an average of 6 inches (155 mm) of rain, or 18%. There is not a single taluka where it has not rained, but there are 27 talukas where it has rained up to two inches. There are 92 taluks with 3 to 5 inches of rain. Thus there are about 80-85 talukas which have received sporadic rainfall and hence no sowing.

There are 93 taluks with good rainfall of 6 to 10 inches. There are 37 taluks with 11 to 20 inches of rain and 2 taluks with 21 to 40 inches of rain.

List of Talukas where good sowing could not be done due to less rainfall.


Jasdan, Dhrangdhara, Limdi, Jamkandorna, Jetpur, Paddhari, Upleta, Havvad, Malia, Morbi, Tankara, Dhrol, Jamjodhpur, Jamnagar, Jodia, Dwarka, Porbandar, Ranav, Bhesan, Keshod, Visavadar, Girigarhda, Sutrapada, Sutrapada.

Kutch District

Rapar, Lakhpat, Bhachau have received 1 to 4 inches of rain so far, so far neither sowing nor sowing has been done in some villages.

South Gujarat

Jambusar, Zaghadiya, Sagbara, Nizar, Uchhal, Kukarmuda are included.

Central Gujarat

Ahmedabad has Detroj, Galteshwar, Thasra, Umreth, Desar, Savali, Waghodia, Bodeli, Sankheda, Shehra, Khanpur, Virpur. Sowing has not been completed in Deogarhbaria, Dhanpur, Garbara, Jalod, Limkheda, Singwad, Sanjeli talukas of Dahod district.

North Gujarat

Santalpur, Dantiwada, Dhanera, Kankrej, Lakhpat, Tharad, Vav, Kheralu, Vadnagar, Himmatnagar, Khedbrahma, Prantij, Talod, Byad, Taloda, Dhansura, Malpur, Meghraj, Dahegam, Gandhinagar.